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Due the fact this website is still under construction, changes happened almost daily.
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FILANANIAS 2021: A virtual philatelic exhibition, conducted by FILABRAS - Associação dos Filatelistas Brasileiros and operating as a pilot exhibition under my forthcoming Virtuafil Platform.
141 participants from 18 countries and with 238 exhibits, include "PaleoPhilatelie" The exhibition is open to viewing and for Public Voting until August 31, 2021. You can visit and vote for it online (this site is the last in the list).
Paleophilateie on Filananias 2021

Country pages are under review this year. More notes and images added on A-I pages already. Review of J pages will be completed soon.

Updated pages:
New pages added recently:


Country pages are under review this year. More notes and images added on A-F pages already. Review of G pages will be completed soon.

Landscape postcard Greeting from the Banz Castle
Landscape postcard Greeting from the Banz Castle, posted in 1899. The skull of Temnodontosaurus trigonodon depicted in the middle.
Updated pages:
New pages added recently:
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Major updates: New stamp description pages: The following Country pages updated. Some more stamps or postmarks added there.

10th anniversary of website website is 10 years old !

Sometimes in Spring 2010, I found my old stamps album and decided to back to stamps collecting after over 20 years of pause.
The only thematical stamp catalog that was available at the time was 8 years old the Prehistoric Fauna of Dompil. Few internet websites that I found provided very basic information about „Paleo“ stamps, therefore I created my own online catalog.

10 years ago, in October 2010, website is born.
The fisrt page of website The very first and the only page of this website, available in 2010, was a huge table created in MS-Word, with names of countries on one side and years number an another, that provided an overview about all kind of available stamps.
Later on the second table with Michel Numbers was added.
It was kind of catalog with links to some stamp images. Most of the images were in low resolution, downloaded from the Internet. Later on, I replaced the images with scans of stamps purchased by me or sent to me by a friends. As it is boring to me just to fill out albums with stamps and covers, I start to look for some information about it and created some stamps description pages.
The evolution of website can be seen in the Internet Archive of Wayback Machine , who made many of backups (134 backup available at the end of 2020) since June 2011.

Nowadays, there around 1.500 pages and over 17.000 images of stamps, FDCs, circulated covers, postmarks and postal stationeries, sorted in several galleries.
Philatelic catalog has Country and Chronologic (date of issue) lists, include the list of most recent and coming soon philatelic items.
The catalog available in flat and framed versions for more convenient use.
There are also big collection of philatelic exhibits sent to me by fellows from all around the world.
Collection of articles and videos related to the topic of the website and much more.
Michael Kogan, Admin of website
By this opportunity I like to thank to everybody who helped me to make it.
Everybody who sent me some scans of philatelic items which I missed or had it in poor quality, everybody who helped me to find an information I was looking for, everybody who helped me with translation of text written on the foreign languages or corrected my English, everybody who reported me about some issues of the website and helped me to improve it:

T   H   A   N   K    Y   O   U    A   L   L   !

Really appreciate your help.
Together we made the most comprehensive resource about Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Philately in the world, which won several medals on prestige national and international philatelic shows in the Electronic-Literature category.
Sincerely yours, Michael Kogan, Admin of website