Denmark 1998 "Drawings of fossil animals from old books"

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Issue Date 05.11.1998
ID Michel: 1195-1198, Bl.10, 1195MH;
Scott: 1106-1109, 1109a, ? ;
Stanley Gibbons: 1153-1156, MS1157, SB192;
Yvert et Tellier: 1198-1201, BF12, C1198;
Category: pF
Design Designer: Keith Bassford,
Engraver: Arne Kühlmann
Stamps in set 4
Values 3.75Kr - Ammonite Parapuzosia by Ole Worm
4.50Kr - Fossil shark teeth Glossopetrae by Niels Stensen
5.50Kr - Fossil sea urchin Echinocorys by Soren Abildgaard
15.00Kr - Fossil snail Pleurotomaria by Erich Pontoppidan
Marging of the Souvenir-Sheet - Fossil Turritella from Pontoppidans Danske Atlas
Emission/Type commemorative
Places of issue Kobenhavnk
Size (width x height) 24mm x 41mm
Layout Sheets of 50 stamps (10x5), Souvenir-Sheet of 4, Booklet with 10 Ammonite stamps.
Products FDC x2 Souvenir-Sheet x1 Booklet x1 Presentation Pack x1
Perforation 12.75 x 12.75
Print Technique Recess, multicolor
Printed by
Quantity stamps: 9.600.000, 2.200.00, 1.800.000, 1.900.00
Souvenir-Sheet: 40.750
Issuing Authority Post Denmark
Drawings of fossil animals from old books on stamps of Denmark 1998

On November 5th, 1998, the Post Authority of Denmark issued the set of four stamps "Drawings of fossil animals from old books". These stamps were issued in several formats:
  • Individual Sheets of 5 (5x10)
  • Souvenir-Sheet of all 4 stamps together
  • The Ammonite stamp was issued in a booklet of 10
  • Pre-paid postcard with imprinted stamp of Ammonite
The stamps were designed by artist Keith Bassford.

Keith Bassford, born in 1949 in London, began his art training as an apprentice compositor in London in 1964. He attended the London College of Printing, earning the County of London Certificate in Art and Design with Distinctions in 1970.
Since 1976, Bassford has worked as a graphic designer for various clients, and at the same time began working for the British Post Office. Bassford's vast experience in graphic and stamp design made him a notable speaker at the London College of Printing, where he lectured regularly until he moved to Denmark in 1984. He lives in Odense where he and his wife have their drawing office and workshop. Bassford's British and Danish stamp designs have been exhibited in Denmark's Graphic Museum at Odense.

The stamp designs are reproductions of original drawings or engravings from books on geology by the individuals listed below.
Each stamp also lists the title and date of the publications referred to on each stamp.
The geographic position of Denmark at the "top" of the European continent, surrounded on almost all sides by the sea, has a special significance in geological studies.
The four themes of this series of stamps with fossils show an interesting piece of history of geology in Denmark and at the same time tell of four renowned Danish researchers in this field. Four researchers who have all contributed to the development of modern geology as a science.

Ole Worm
Niels Stensen (Nicolas Steno)
Soren Abildgaard
Erich Pontoppidan
Potraits of Book authors: Ole Worm, Niels Stensen, Soren Abildgaard, Erich Pontoppidan
Ammonite Parapuzosia on stamp of Denmark 1998 Fossil shark teeth on stamp of Denmark 1998 Fossil sea urchin on stamp of Denmark 1998 Fossil snail on stamp of Denmark 1998
Ammonite from the area northeast of Ystad in Skane, southern Sweden, where there were formerly many exposed layers with many fossils from the Late Cretaceous Epoch. Also, a stream sink at Rödmölla can also be seen. These shark teeth from the Miocene in Gram Lergrav date from about the same time as the shark's teeth from Niels Stensen from Malta.

Sea Urchin from Stevens Klint. The site is also of international interest because one can see the boundary between the Cretaceous and Paleogene exposed at the site.

Slit shell from the Limestone quarry at Fakse as it looks today (1998). Here, the turritella lived 62-63 million years ago.

Products and associated philatelic items

FDC Postal stationery
Fossils on FDC of Denmark 1998 Fossils on FDC of Denmark 1998 Fossils on Postal stationery of Denmark 1998
The shark head shown on the cachet of the FDC with the Souvenir-Sheet reproduces a drawing from Niels Stensen's work from 1667. Soren Abildgaard "Description of Stevens Klint and its natural curiosities" in 1759 includes among other things this beautiful engraving of the cliff profiles shown on the cachet of the official FDC. Ole Worms cabinet of natural curiosities with different natural history, ethnographic and historical objects, etc. The illustration is from Ole Worms "Wormianum Museum" from 1655.
Souvenir-Sheet Stamp booklet Presentation Pack
Fossils on Souvenir-Sheet of Denmark 1998 Fossil on self-adhesive stamps of Denmark 1998 Fossils on stamps of Denmark 1998
The booklet with signatures of the stamp designer and engraver is here Inside text is here
Examples of Circulated Covers and Postcard
Fossil stamp of Denmark on circulated cover Fossil stamp of Denmark on circulated cover Fossil stamp of Denmark on circulated postcard on Facebook - Welcome to join !

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice, PhD Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, USA, for review draft page of the article and his very valuable comments.

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