Collection of Video Clips and Movies related "Paleophilatelie" topics


Dinosaurs on Stamps, Part I with Dr. Jon Noad, APS Stamp Chat from 20.05.2020

Dinosaurs on Stamps, Part II with Dr. Jon Noad, APS Stamp Chat from 01.06.2020

Tyrannosaurus Rex Forever Stamps First Day of Issue Dedication Ceremony

Presentation of Canadian Dinosaur stamps from 2015

Australia's Age of Dinosaurs 2013. The art of postage stamps by James Gurney.

How I Paint Dinosaurs, James Gurney (Dinosaur stamps designer of USA 1997 and Australia 2013)

Stamp Collecting Month 2008 Megafauna, designed by Peter Trusler

Peter Trusler-Artist, who designed several Austraian stamps with prehistoric animals

Dr Julius Csotonyi (designer of Canadian Dinosaur stamps in 2015) - Paleoart: When art and science benefit each other

" My goal as Paleoartist is to produce scientificantly accurate and aesthetic reconstructions of subjects that can't be seen alive because of their prehistoric age."