Paleoart - reconstruction of prehistoric life

Paleoart (also spelled palaeoart, paleo-art, or paleo art) is any original artistic work that attempts to depict prehistoric life according to scientific evidence. [R1]
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Paleoart development overview

Paleoartists explain their work

James Gurney - How I Paint Dinosaurs

Dr. Julius Csotonyi - Paleoart: When art and science benefit each other

Andrej Atuchin

Classic Paleoart - how the story began

Russian Paleoart/Русский Палеоарт

Paleoart Books

Many images from these books can be seen on the postage stamps.
Paleoart : Visions of the Prehistoric Past

"Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World", by Michael J. Benton (Author), Bob Nicholls (Illustrator).
Coming in September 2021.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE
The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi

"The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi". Published in 2014.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE
Dinosaur Art I

"Dinosaur Art I", by Steve White. Published in 2012.
Amazon: USA, UK, s DE
Dinosaur Art I

"Dinosaur Art II", by Steve White. Published in 2017.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE

Life through the ages The Paleoartist's Handbook Recreating an Age of Reptiles Russian Paleoart: Pictures of the Earth's past
"Life through the ages II", by Mark P. Witton. Published in 2020.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE
"The Paleoartist's Handbook", by Mark P. Witton. Published in 2019.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE
"Recreating an Age of Reptiles", by Mark P. Witton. Published in 2018.
Amazon: USA, UK, DE
Russian Paleoart: "Pictures of the Earth's past" / "Картины пршлого Земли" - it is worth to look on the images even if you cannot read the Russian text.
Ilustrated by: Andrey Atuchin, Roman Evseev, Sergey Krasovsky, Nikolay Zverkov.
Text written by Russian Paleontologists Ivanov A.V. and M.S. Arkhangelskij.