Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related Philatelic items of the year 2012

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil-found places, paleontologists and contributors to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology science as well as Natural History Museums on stamps issued in 2012

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If you know about any other Philatelic item related to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology, issued this year which is not mentioned below, please inform me .

Highlights of the year:

  • On 5th of June, Post Authority of Turkeey issued a stamp set "World environment day (Dinosaurs)" . The set is a mini-sheet of 4 stamps. Aditionaly, souvenir book with one more plastic Lenticular (3d hologram) stamp and several post cards are printed out. The Lenticular stamp, depict running T-Rex is the first Lenticular stamp depicting dinosaur on it. Even though it sold with the booklet only is a valid post stamp, and can be used for postage.
  • Very nice set of 4 stamps, depicting some dinosaurs and their footprints is issued in Bolivia on 8th of June. FDC of the set issued in quantity of 200 pieces only and quite become rare and very wanted philatelic item.
  • Third set and last installment of dinosaurs is issued in South Korea on 8th of August


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Click on image to enlarge it or to be redirected to description page. Stamps on grey background are Undesired/"Pseudo stamps"

Official stamps realted to Paleontology

08.12.2012 Kyrgyzstan 07.11.2012 Croatia 31.08.2012 Burundi
prehistoric animals of kyrgyzstan Neanderteilers of Krapina, Croatia dinosaurs of Burundi
08.08.2012 South Korea 30.07.2012 Russia 11.07.2012 Spain
dinosaur stamps of South Korea 2012 stamps of Modern Art of Russia 2012 with Mammoth Paleontology and Geology stamps of Spain 2012
08.06.2012 Bolivia 05.06.2012 Turkey 05.06.2012 Turkey
dinosaurs and their footprints on stamps of Bolivia 2012 dinosaur stamps of Turkey 2012 T-Rex on Lenticular stamp of Turkey 2012
09.05.2012 San Marino 28.04.2012, Argentina 23.04.2012 Marshall Islands
Darwin, Pterosaur, Galapagos island on stamps of San Marino 2012 dinosaur on stamp of Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum of Argentina 2012 Charles Darwin and Carl Linnaeus in stamp set of Great scientist of the world of Marshall islands 2012
Paleontology related stamps of countries who issue too many stamps per year, stamps with prehistoric animals or their fossils without any relation to the issuing country or stamps with inaccurate reconstruction of prehistoric animals.
These stamps are not recommended for serious collectors and are Undesired at serious philatelic exhibits,
Bequia (St. Vincent) Central African Republic Chad
dinosaurs on stamps of Bequia 2013 Australopithecus afarensis Lucy, paleoanthropolog Yves Coppens on stamps of Chad 2013 dinosaur stamps of Central African Republic 2012
Congo(KINSHASA ) Guinea Bissau Liberia
dinosaur stamps of Congo 2012 dinosaur stamps of Guinea Bissau 2012 dinosaur stamps of Liberia 2012
Mozambique Solomon Islands
dinosaur stamps of Mozambique 2012 dinosaur stamps of Solomon islands 2012

Some personalized stamps

17.08.2012 Thailand [P1]
Dinosaurs on personalized stamps of Thailand 2012
[P1] Issued by Rangsit Science Centere for Education