Congo (Kinshasa) 2012 "Dinosaurs"

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Issue Date 09.01.2012
ID Michel: 2084-2087, Scott: , Stanley Gibbons: , Yvert et Tellier: , Category: pR
Stamps in set 4
Values 550Fr - Oviraptor
550Fr - Albertosaurus
550Fr - Camarasaurus supremus
550Fr - Spinosaurus
Emission/Type commemorative
Places of issue
Size (width x height)
Layout Mini-Sheet of 4 x1, Souvenir-Sheet of 1 x4,
Products FDC x1
Perforation 13.25
also imperforated
Print Technique Offset lithography
Printed by Impressor S.A.
Issuing Authority
Dinosaurs on stamps of Congo 2012

undesired stamp
On June 9, 2012, the Post Authority of the Congo issued 5 Mini-Sheets and a set of 4 stamps depicting some dinosaurs. Each stamp has a face value of CDF 550 (about Euro 0.50).
In fact, the average income per person in the Congo is approximately 270 euros, so the price of a stamp at 0.50 euros is likely to expensive for the average Congolese person to use for regular postage.

For comparison, the average income per person of Germany is approximately 30,000 euros and German stamps have face values between 0.55 and 2.60 euros. If the stamps of Germany were issued in proportion to GDP as the stamps of the Congo, their face values would be 55 euros!

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice, PhD Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, USA, for review draft page of the article and his very valuable comments.

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