Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related Philatelic items of the year 1982

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil-found places, paleontologists and contributors to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology science as well as Natural History Museums on stamps issued in 1982

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If you know about any other Philatelic item related to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology, issued this year which is not mentioned below, please inform me .


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01.12.1982 South Africa 30.11.1982 – Sao Tome and Principe 20.09.1982 Tunisia
prehistoric animals on stamps of RSA 1982 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on stamps of Sao Tome 1982 fossils on stamps of Tunisia 1982
15.09.1982 Cuba 28.06.1982 Antigua 11.06.1982 Jersey
prehistoric animals on stamps of Cuba 1982 Charles Darwin and modern flora and fauna on stamps of Antigua 1982 paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on stamp of Jersey 1982
29.04.1982 USA 19.04.1982 St. Helena [1] 19.04.1982 Falkland Islands [1]
fossil on stamps of USA 1982 Charles Darwin on stamps of St Helena 1982 Charles Darwin on stamps of Falkland Islands 1982
19.04.1982 Ascension [1] 19.04.1982 Mauritius[1] 15.03.1982 Greece
Charles Darwin on stamps of Ascention 1982 Charles Darwin on stamps of Mauritius 1982 Petralona man skull on stamps of Greece 1982
08.03.1982 British Antarctic Territory 10.02.1982 UK 16.01.1982 Kenya
prehistoric animals, continent drift on stamps of BAT 1982 Charles Darwin on stamps of Great Britain 1982 prehistoric humans on stamps of Kenya 1982

Charles Darwin on stamps of Ascension, Falkland, Mauritius and St. Helena island countries [1] On April 19, 1982 four islands country: Ascension island, Falkland island, Mauritius, St. Helena issued set of 4 stamps with very similar design to commemorate 150 anniversary since the famous scientist start his survey voyage (1831-1836) and visited the islands.

Every set contain four stamps:
  • stamp with portrait of Charles Darwin,
  • stamp of one of the tools young Darwin used during his voyage
  • stamp of an animal Darwin meet on a particular island
  • stamp shows HMS Beagle. The ship that cared recently graduated naturalist Charles Darwin around the world.
moustache of Charles Darwin on stamp of Mauritius 1982 One of the sets looks a bit different from other three.
Old Darwin on a back of elephant depicting on stamp of Mauritius, when other three sets shows young Charles Darwin
At his visit on Mauritius young Darwin don't wear beard and mustache and he never visited the island once again. The form of the beard and mustache is very different from well known face of Darwin.
By the way, there are no elephants population on Mauritius, but Darwin has indeed a trip on an elephant by his stay on the island. The elephant was provided him by governor of the islands who got the elephants as present from some Indian Maharaja.

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for the draft page review and his very valuable comments.

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