Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related Philatelic items of the year 2011

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil-found places, paleontologists and contributors to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology science as well as Natural History Museums on stamps issued in 2011

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If you know about any other Philatelic item related to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology, issued this year which is not mentioned below, please inform me .

Highlights of the year:
* On 5th of January 2011, post authority of Czech Republic issued a block with stamp of famous Czech scientist Kaspar Maria von Sternberg who was one of the leading scientists of the first half of the 19th century, with a special interest in botany, geology and paleontology, and is considered as one of the founders of paleobotany.
*On Mach 25, 2011 Post of Malta reprinted a Mini-sheet of their 17 definitive stamps from 2009 and stamp of Fossil Elephas falconeri dwarf on October 19. It differ from the original one by Logo of Malta Post on bottom-right corner on the mini-sheet of whole set of definitive stamps and on top-left corner on mini-sheet of the dwarf elephant only, even original year of issue 2009 is stay on reprinted stamps.
* In August 2011, Post Authority of Germany commemorate 150 years of discovery prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx on a single stamp.
* In 2011 Philatelic agency Stamperija was authorized as representative of Burundi post administration. Almost 90 stamp sets, each one of 4 stamps at least are issued by the agency. Most of these stamps shows world wide fauna or famous personalities. Two sets of prehistoric animal stamps are issued on Dec. 01, 2011. Each set contain a mini-sheet of 4 stamps and another 4 stamps issued separately.


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Click on image to enlarge it or to be redirected to description page. Stamps on grey background are Undesired/"Pseudo stamps"

01.12.2011 Burundi 19.10.2011 Malta (1st reprint) 18.10.2011 Mexico [1]
dinosaurs on stamps of Burundi 2011 Fossil Elephas falconeri dwarf skeleton on definitive stamp of Malta 2011 dinosaurs on imperforated stamps of North Korea 2011
11.10.2011 Ukraine 17.10.2011 Peru 05.09.2011 Korea North
Anniversary of Lvov National University on stamp of Ukraine 2011 Fossils of Prehistoric animals, Levyatan Melvillei on stamp of Peru 2011 dinosaurs on stamps of North Korea 2011
30.08., 30.09.2011 Guinea 11.08.2011 Korea South 11.08.2011 Germany
dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, early human on stamps of Guinea 2011 dinosaurs on stamps of South Korea 2011 prehistoric bird, Archaeopteryx on stamp of Germany 2011
30.06.2011 Mozambique 13.06.2011 Curacao 25.03.2011 Malta
dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 2011 dinosaurs on stamps of Curacao 2011 reprinted mini sheet of definitive stamps of Malta 2009 in 2011
25.02.2011, 30.03.2011, Sao Tome 10.02.2011, 03.09.2011, Guinea Bissau 17.02.2011 Romania
dinosaurs on stamps of Sao Tome 2011 dinosaurs on stamps of Guinea Bissau 2011 caves of Romania on stamps of 2011
27.01.2011 Sweden 05.01.2011 Czech Republic
fossils on stamps of Sweden 2011 paleontologist Kaspar Maria von Sternberg on stamp of Czech Republic 2011


[1] Trex is depicting on the background of the first stamp in upper row - stamp dedicated to Alfonso Luis Herrera (3 July 1868 – 1942) who was a Mexican biologist

Some personalized and private post stamps

03.04.2011 Portugal [P1]
Dinosaurs on personalized stamps of dinosaur museum of Lourinha, Portugal 2011
[P1] personalized self adhesive stamps of dinosaur museum of Lourinha, Portugal