Paleontology related stamps, post marks, post stationary and special covers depicted dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil found sites of the year 2017 sorted in chronological order.

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This Month:

16.01.2017 Canada  -  "UNESCO World Heritage Sites". The first stamp on the mini sheet shows Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta (the same design as in 2015). Dinosaur Provincial Park is known for its remarkable fossil specimens that represent every known group of Cretaceous dinosaurs, as well as its impressive area of virtually undisturbed badlands and riparian (riverside) habitat.
At Mistaken Point (the second stamp on the mini sheet), the rugged coastal cliffs host the oldest known collection of large fossils in the world, marking the world’s first appearance of large, biologically complex organisms.

17.01.2017  Great Britain - "Ancient Britain"

Royal Mail starts its 2017 Stamp Program with a subject that has not previously been featured as a stand-alone topic: how people lived in prehistoric times has always been a fascination for many and the Ancient Britain stamp issue explores this subject in some detail.  The stamps show famous iconic sites and some of the most exceptional artefacts found across the UK, and overlays illustrations to show how people lived, worked and used the objects. We also explore the social and technological evolution of these early Britons.  The first metals were used in Britain while still in the ‘Stone Age’. The arrival of cultures that could ‘make metal’ would have a dramatic effect on society. In the British Isles the first seams of copper were exploited in Ireland around 2500BC. The discovery of tin in South West England helped to make Britain an important centre – copper smelted with an amount of tin makes the superior metal bronze: harder, more durable and versatile and the so-called Bronze Age saw several other technological advancements.  Overall, the stamps give a timeline across thousands of years of history, from a glimpse of Stone Age ritual of 11,000 years ago, through the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age of some 300 BC.

20.01.2017 Ukraine - "Paleolit"

Next Month:

07.02.2017 Israel          -  "UNESCO world heritage"
Three stamps showing UNESCO world heritage sites of Israel will be issued on February 7, 2017. One of them depicting a beautiful prehistoric stone tool from Nahal Mearot Caves in Israel.

17.02.2017 Latvia      - "Natural History Museum" - on this moment its not known what will be depicted there. Two years ago, prehistoric, devonian fish depicted on stamp of  "Natural History Museum"

24.03.2017 Slovenia      - ""Mammal fossil is Slovenia" - Cave Lion
19.05.2017 China P.R.  - "Chines Dinosaurs", 5 stamps and a booklet.

Tentative: some stamps that might be related to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology - clarification needed.
11.04.2017 Jersey       - SEPAC – Ancient Artefacts
14.06.2017 Jersey       - Durrell and the Darwin Initiative

??.??.2017  South Africa - "Homo Naledi" (an extinct species of hominin, which anthropologists first described in 2015)

??.??.2017  Nepal         - "Prehistoric Mammals", set of 8 values proposed by Natural History Museum. If it is accepted it will be the third set of Nepal show local prehistoric mammals.

Preview of Dinosaur stamps of China
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Official stamps



Local stamps
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Some personalized and private post stamps


Another stamps to consider
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Commemorative Postmarks (legend is below)
[FDC]  - Post Marks used on FDC of  official stamp
[PM]    - Permanent postmark: available for a long period of time
[Sp]      - Special postmark: issued for special event and was available for short period of time
[N]       - new design of early introduced postmarks


Post stationary and Special Covers



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