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Once I restarted my collection in 2010, I tried to find some catalog or a website that list all Paleontology related stamps and postmarks.
The only printed catalog I found, was Domphil from 2002 - good but outdated as many new stamps were issued since it was printed. The handful of thematic websites I found on the internet, provided very basic information such as: title, date of issue and catalog number. Some had only small images of the samples or others none at all. The lack of images or the small size made it difficult to identify specific stamps in my collection. Moreover, none of the websites provided more detail on the prehistoric animal portrayed or on the background of the issue itself.

To fill out the gap and to be able to share the information with other collectors, this website was created on October 2010.

The fisrt page of website
The first page of Paleophilatelie website.
The very first pages of this website were two tables, created in MS-Word, that provided an overview of all kinds of available stamps in the prehistoric theme.
Just filling out albums with stamps and covers is boring to me. I always try to study the stories behind them and find out as much as information as possible about every new purchase.
As soon as I get some information about stamps listed in these tables, I started to create description pages and link it in the tables.
The development history of website can be seen in the Internet Archive of Wayback Machine, were many backups (156 backup available at the end of 2020) were made, since June 2011.
Note: The backups of were made by the Wayback Machine, were made not by the time when Paleophilatelie website was updated, but by the time Paleophilatelie website was crawled by the Wayback Machine engine.
Brief presentation of Paleophilatelie,eu website
Brief presentation of Paleophilatelie,eu website
Brief presentation of Paleophilatelie,eu website
Brief presentation of Paleophilatelie,eu website
Brief presentation of Paleophilatelie,eu website
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Today, in February 2022, Paleophilatelie website contain 739 pages and over 13.000 images.

The Main pages of Paleophilatelie website include: Topical pages of Paleophilatelie website include:
Link exchange: I'm open to exchange a link with other Philately or/and Paleontology related websites.
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Preferred description text is:
"Paleophilatelie is the most comprehensive resource about Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Philately, the place where Paleontology and Paleoanthropology meets Philately".

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