Description of Paleophilately website

Once I restarted my collection in 2010, I tried to find some catalog or a webiste that list all Paleontology related stamps and postmarks. The only printed catalog I found, was Domphil from 2002 - good but many new stamps since it last issue. The only few thematic websites I found in Internet, provided very basic information such as: title, date of issue and catalog number. Some had some small images, other doesn't, that make me some difficulties to identify it. Moreover, none of these websites provided some details nor background of the issue.

To fill out the gap and to be able to share the information with other collectors, this website created on October 2010.

The fisrt page of website The very first pages of this website were two tables, created in MS-World, that provide me some overview about all kind of available stamps. Just to filling out an albums(s) with stamps and covers is boring to me. I always try to study the stories behind them and find out as much as information as possible about every new purchase. As soon as I get some information about stamps listed in these tables, I started to create description pages and link it in the tables.
The evolution of website can be seen in the Internet Archive of Wayback Machine , who made many of backups (134 backup available at the end of 2020) since June 2011.

Today, on December 2020, this website contain over 1.500 pages and over 12.000 images.

Here is the brief presentation of the website:

Main pages of the website are: Thematic pages: Link exchange: I'm open to exchange a link with other philately or/and paleontology related web sites. In case you like to add a link to this site you might like to use one of the logo images or QR Code

If you find a problem either at display or a contents, or if you like to add or correct some info - please email me on English, German or Russian on