27.04.1962 " International Congress of Museum Experts "  [1]
Ammonite on stamps of Netherlands 1962


 [1] Fossil of Ammonite shown on stamp with face value of 6+4ct.

Another stamps to consider

01.02.2006 "Beautiful Netherlands: Leiden"  [A1]
Dinosaur on stamps of Netherland 2006


 [A1]  The skeleton of a small theropod on margin. The designer probably included this because 'Naturalis', the national Natural History Museum, is located in Leiden. (source: stampedout)
The skeleton of a small theropod on margin of stamp of Netherlands 2006

Personalized stamps

10.09.2016 "T. rex in town"  [PS1]
Dinosaur on stamps of Netherland 2016

 [PS1] Personalized stamps of Naturalis Biodeversity Center issued to commemorate "T rex in town" event that take place between September 10  and June 2017. The first ever full T rex skeleton of Netherlands shown to public on September 10 2016 in the museum in Leiden.

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