Canada 1998 "Scenic Highways"

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Issue Date 28.07.1998
ID Michel: 1693-1696, Scott: 1739-1742, Stanley Gibbons: 1810-1813, Yvert et Tellier: 1585-1588, Category: pF
Design Designed by Lou Cable
Based on a photograph by Peter Timmermans, Brian Milne, Thaddeus Holownia, Mike Little, Chris Reardon, Don Robinson
Stamps in set 4
Value 45 - Blue Heron Scenic Route, Prince Edward Island
45 - River Valley Scenic Drive, New Brunswick
45 - Dinosaur Trail, Alberta
45 - Dempster Highway, Yukon
Emission/Type commemorative
Places of issue Ottawa, Ontario
Size (width x height) 56mm x 28mm
Layout Sheet of 20 stamps
Products FDC x1
Paper Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC) with fluorescent frame (GT4), gum: PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol)
Perforation 12.5 x 13
Print Technique Offset lithography
Printed by Ashton-Potter Canada Limited
Quantity 2 000 000 each
Issuing Authority Canadian Post
Dinosaur Trail in Alberta on stamps of Canada 1998

On July 28th 1998, Canadian Post issued the stamps set "Scenic Highways II" (the first of 3 sets was issued in 1997). One of the stamps shows the skeleton of an Albertosaurus.

People who have driven across Canada appreciate the diversity of the landscape and the multiplicity of settings. These stamps capture four different Canadian panoramic scenes from four of our picturesque provinces and territories: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Alberta and Yukon.
The 1998 Scenic Highways stamp series offers a dynamic blend of photography and illustration. "Acquiring the panoramic images was the most challenging part of the project", said the stamp designer Lou Cable. "After sending photographers across vast distances at the mercy of Mother Nature, we certainly appreciate the massive size, geological contrast and climatic range of our country.""

Albertosaurus skeleton on stamp of Canada 1998
Albertosaurus skeleton on stamp of Canada 1998 MiNr.: 1694, Scott: 1740.
A bizarre world of eroded sandstone and textured clay awaits on the Dinosaur Trail, named for prolific fossil beds found in this part of Alberta badlands. A 48-kilometre loop around the Red Deer River west of Drumheller, Alberta's Dinosaur Trail takes motorists on a fascinating trip through the fossil-rich badlands of the Valley of the Dinosaurs, a vast prehistoric graveyard.
Dr. J.B. Tyrrell of the Geological Survey of Canada first uncovered the dinosaur beds near Drumheller. His 1884 discovery of a petrified dinosaur skull sparked a fossil search since dubbed the great Canadian dinosaur rush of 1909-1917. The Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Canada's only institute exclusively devoted to exhibitions and study of prehistoric life, was established in this area in 1985.

Albertosaurus skull on stamp of Canada 1989 Albertosaurus  on stamp of Canada 1993 Albertosaurus  on stamp of Canada 1993 Albertosaurus  on stamp of Canada 1993
Albertosaurus skull on "Exploration of Canada" stamp of Canada 1989, MiNr.: 1130, Scott: 1235. Albertosaurus on "The Age of Dinosaurs" stamp of Canada 1993, MiNr.: 1389, Scott: 1497. Albertosaurus skull on "Drumheller: Dinosaur capital of the world" postmarks of Canada 2001 and 2015.

Products and associated philatelic items

FDC Stamps Sheet Example of circulated covers
Dinosaur Trail in Alberta on FDC of Canada 1998 Dinosaur Trail in Alberta on stamps mini sheet of Canada 1998 Dinosaur Trail in Alberta on used cover of Canada 1998
The reverse side is here

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Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice, PhD Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, USA, for review draft page of the article.

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