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Austria 1999 "150th Anniversary of the Federal Geological Institute

(The Geological Survey of Austria)"

Issue Date 12.11.1999
ID Michel: 2298 Scott: 1801 Stanley Gibbons: 2548 Yvert: 2127 UPU: N/A Category: pF
Author Design: Maria Siegl Artist: Wolfgang Seidel
Stamps in set 1
Value s7 - Building, fossils, from left to right: ammonite Anolcites furcosus,
gastropod Oolitica solitaria, ammonite Heraclites robustus.
Size (width x height)
Products FDC x1 MC x1
Perforation 13 x 13
Print Technique lithography+photogravure, multicolor
Printed by Österreichische Staatsdruckerei
Quantity 2,800,000
Issuing Authority Post of Ausria
Ammonite and Gastropod on stamp of Austria 1999, 150th Anniversary of the Federal Geological Institute

In the beginning of the 1840s the mineral collections of the Royal and Imperial Court for Coinage and Mining was converted into the Royal and Imperial Museum of Coal and Steel through the support of Wilhelm Haidinger. The Imperial Academy of Sciences was founded in 1846. Even in those days a larger institute for the specific research of geologic conditions throughout the empire was already under consideration. The Geological Survey of Austria, founded in November 1849, represents the geo-management of the public sector of Austria. It is a government organization affiliated to the Federal Ministry of Science, Education and Arts. Its activities are based on the National Law of Research of 2000. Presently its staff comprises 45 scientists with university degree, 34 non scientists and a fluctuating number of non-government personnel (around 40).

According to its mandate, the Survey undertakes the following core programmes:

Federal Geological Institute on commemorative postmark of Austria 1999

- Geoscientific mapping of the Austrian territory at various scales
- Complementary mission-orientated basic research in biostratigraphy, geochronology and structural geology
- Collection and storage of unique types of rocks, minerals and fossils
- Monitoring the environment
- Administration and management of the most comprehensive geoscientific library of Austria
- Maintenance of related databases and voluminous archives of maps and unpublished reports collected over the past 150 years
- Source of advice and information in Earth Science to the government, local authorities, industry and the public in general

Traditional and applied tasks include such topics as

Assessment and sustainable development of raw materials and industrial minerals
Water management
Natural hazard mitigation in Alpine terrains
Feasibility studies for major civil engineering projects
Contamination and waste deposal studies
Nature conservation and land use planning
Networking in global change programmes
Membership in EuroGeoSurveys, Forum of European Geological Surveys and other international organizations.


FDC (used), backside is here
Maxi Card
Ammonite and Gastropod on FDC of Austria 1999, 150th Anniversary of the Federal Geological Institute Ammonite and Gastropod on Maxi Card of Austria 1999, 150th Anniversary of the Federal Geological Institute

References: Wikipedia Federal Geological Institute of Austria


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