Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animal, prehistoric human, fossils, Charles Darwin on stamps of Togo

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Togo, officially the Togolese Republic, is a country in West Africa bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north.
It extends south to the Gulf of Guinea, where its capital Lomé is located.
Togo covers 57,000 square kilometres, making it one of the smallest countries in Africa, with a population of approximately 7.5 million.
Togo gained its independence from France in 1960. [R1]

Togo joined the Universal Postal Union on 21 March 1962.
Togo was one of the first clients of the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation (IGPC). Since 2010, Togo has been a client of Stamperija. Stamperija produces hundreds of stamps covering every popular topic per year on the behalf of Togo. [R2]

Official stamps of Togo related to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology: fossils and reconstruction of prehistoric animals and humans, paleontologists, Charles Darwin

xx.xx.1994 "Dinosaurs" 16.12.1997 "Dinosaurs" 15.07.2010 "Charles Darwin"
Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 1994 Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 1997 Charles Darwin and Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2010
30.03.2012 "Scouts of Africa" [2]
11.10.2012 "30th anniversary of the death of Charles Darwin"
11.10.2012 "210th anniversary of Johan Friedrich von Brandt" [3]
03.06.2013 "100th anniversary of Mary Leakey"
03.06.2013 "Prehistoric flying reptiles"
22.07.2013 "Extinct species"
22.07.2013 "Fossils and volcanoes"
15.11.2013 "Prehistoric life"
05.12.2013 "Aquatic Dinosaurs"
30.06.2014 "Dinosaurs"
30.12.2014 "Dinosaurs"
Charles Darwin on stamps of Togo 2012 Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2013 Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2014
22.04.2015 "Dinosaurs"
15.06.2015 "Dinosaurs"
15.06.2015 "Extinct animals"
18.12.2015 "Aquatic prehistoric animals"
30.12.2015 "Dinosaurs"
20.05.2016 "Shells"
20.05.2016 "Dinosaurs"
15.12.2016 "Dinosaurs"
29.12.2016 "Prehistoric Aquatic Animals"
28.02.2017 "Dinosaurs"
31.07.2017 "Dinosaurs"
31.07.2017 "135th anniversary of Charles Darwin"
15.12.2017 "Prehistoric water animals"
15.12.2017 "Shells" [1]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2016 Dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, Charles Darwin on stamps of Togo 2017
09.02.2018 "Dinosaurs"
28.06.2018 "Dinosaurs"
28.06.2018 "Extinct animals"
25.02.2019 "Fossils"
25.02.2019 "Dinosaurs"
25.06.2019 "Prehistoric water animals"
05.07.2019 "Carolina butcher" [4]
30.08.2019 "Flying dinosaurs"
30.08.2019 "Charles Darwin"
30.08.2019 "Extinct animals" [5]
05.11.2019 "Fossils"
28.02.2020 "Prehistoric water animals"
29.05.2020 "Dinosaurs"
29.05.2020 "Fossils"
08.10.2020 "Prehistoric humans"
08.10.2020 "Flying dinosaurs" [6]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2018 Fossils, dinosaurs, prehistoric animals on stamps of Togo 2019 Prehistoric animals on stamps of Togo 2020
25.03.2021 "Fossils"
25.03.2021 "Dinosaurs"
25.06.2021 "Prehistoric water animals"
30.08.2021 "Extinct Species"
30.08.2021 "Dinosaurs"
30.12.2021 "Prehistoric humans"
30.12.2021 "Flying dinosaurs" [6]
30.12.2021 "Dinosaurs"
31.01.2022 "Fossils"
31.01.2022 "Prehistoric water animals"
01.09.2022 "Fossils"
01.09.2022 "Flying dinosaurs" [6]
01.09.2022 "Prehistoric humans"
Prehistoric animals on stamps of Togo 2021 Prehistoric animals and their fossils on stamps of Togo 2022 MICHEL Dinos - whole world catalog - contain technical details and prices
							of stamps with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

[1] Ammonite on margin of the block.

[2] Carcharodontosaurus and Deltadromeus dinosaurs are on margin of Souvenir Sheet (just below the stamp).

[3] Elephas/Mammuthus primigenius shown on margin of Souvenir Sheet (top-right side).

[4] Carnufex carolinensis, shown on stamp from the Souvenir Sheet, is an extinct genus of Crocodylomorph suchian from the Late Triassic of North America.

[5] The first stamp on the mini-sheet shows Bos primigenius (Aurochs).
This species was the ancestor of modern domestic cattle and went extinct in the Holocene. The last individuals died out in 1627. The first stamp on the Mini-Sheet shown Bos primigenius, the ancestors of domestic cattle, extinct in the Holocene, some 300 years ago.

[6] "Flying dinosaurs" is not the correct term to apply to the animals shown on these stamps. The animals pictured are pterosaurs.
Pterosaurs are a group of flying reptiles in the Archosauria. Reptiles in the archosaurs include crocodiles, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs.

Some other stamps of Togo to consider

28.02.2020 "85th anniversary of Moscow Metro" [A1]
Fossil on post stamps of Togo 2020

Ammonite on Moscow Metro anniversary stamp of Togo 2020 Notes:

 [A1] Fossil ammonites are shown on a stamp from the “85th Anniversary of the Moscow Metro” set (bottom right of the mini-sheet of 4 stamps). There is absolutely no reason for Togo to commemorate the anniversary of a Metro Station in Moscow, except to raise money from collectors.

  •   [R1] Togo: Wikipedia FlagCounter
  •   [R2] Postal History and Philately of Togo: Wikipedia
              "In quest for abusive and undesirable stamp issues" by Jari Majander, published in Nr. 29
              Links to official website of the Post Authority, stamp catalog and a list of new stamps of Togo are here

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for the draft page review and his valuable comments.

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