Gallery of Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related Postal Stationeries

This gallery contains over 100 images of Postal Stationeries with imprinted stamps or cachets depicting dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, prehistoric plants, fossils, paleontologists and paleoanthropologists, Natural History Museums, contributors to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology (Charles Darwin for example), prehistoric animals in art objects (Klagenfurt Lindwurm fountain for example).

Term: A Postal Stationeries (PS) is a stationery item, such as a stamped envelope, letter sheet, postal card, lettercard, aerogram or wrapper, with an imprinted stamp or inscription indicating that a specific rate of postage or related service has been prepaid.

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Most of the Postal Stationeries shown on this page are from the collection of the Site Admin. Other images were shared by friends or visitors to the site. A few were downloaded from other sites on the internet.

If you have a nice Postal Stationeries that is not shown here, please send the Site Admin a scan that can be posted (600 dpi preferred).
Last update 05.01.2022

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FDC of argentina_2001_ps.jpg argentina_2001_ps FDC of australia_1980_ps.jpg australia_1980_ps FDC of australia_1986_ps.jpg australia_1986_ps
FDC of austria_1968_ps_used.jpg austria_1968_ps_used FDC of austria_1984_ps.jpg austria_1984_ps FDC of belgium_xxx1_ps.jpg belgium_xxx1_ps
FDC of bulgaria_2003_ps.jpg bulgaria_2003_ps FDC of bulgaria_2009_ps.jpg bulgaria_2009_ps FDC of canada_2014_ps.jpg canada_2014_ps
FDC of china_1989_ps.jpg china_1989_ps FDC of china_2002_ps.jpg china_2002_ps FDC of china_2004_ps.jpg china_2004_ps
FDC of china_2004_ps2.jpg china_2004_ps2 FDC of china_2007_ps2.jpg china_2007_ps2 FDC of china_2007_ps3.jpg china_2007_ps3
FDC of china_2008_ps.jpg china_2008_ps FDC of china_2009_ps1.jpg china_2009_ps1 FDC of china_2009_ps2.jpg china_2009_ps2
FDC of china_2011_ps1.jpg china_2011_ps1 FDC of china_2017_ps1.jpg china_2017_ps1 FDC of china_2018_ps.jpg china_2018_ps
FDC of china_2020_ps1.jpg china_2020_ps1 FDC of china_xxx_ps1.jpg china_xxx_ps1 FDC of croatia_2013_ps.jpg croatia_2013_ps
FDC of cuba_xxx_ps.jpg cuba_xxx_ps FDC of denmark_1998_ps.jpg denmark_1998_ps FDC of estonia_1928_ps1.jpg estonia_1928_ps1
FDC of france_2000_ps1_used_2006.jpg france_2000_ps1_used_2006 FDC of france_2000_ps2_used_2006.jpg france_2000_ps2_used_2006 FDC of france_2000_ps3_used_2006.jpg france_2000_ps3_used_2006
FDC of france_2000_ps4_used_2006.jpg france_2000_ps4_used_2006 FDC of france_2000_ps5_used_2006.jpg france_2000_ps5_used_2006 FDC of france_2008_ps_pm.jpg france_2008_ps_pm
FDC of germany_193x_ps.jpg germany_193x_ps FDC of germany_1973_ps1.jpg germany_1973_ps1 FDC of germany_1973_ps2.jpg germany_1973_ps2
FDC of germany_1980_ps1.jpg germany_1980_ps1 FDC of germany_1980_ps1_used.jpg germany_1980_ps1_used FDC of germany_1980_ps2.jpg germany_1980_ps2
FDC of germany_1980_ps3.jpg germany_1980_ps3 FDC of germany_1990_ps1.jpg germany_1990_ps1 FDC of germany_2000_ps.jpg germany_2000_ps
FDC of germany_2002_ps_pm.jpg germany_2002_ps_pm FDC of germany_2007_ps_used.jpg germany_2007_ps_used FDC of germany_2008_ps.jpg germany_2008_ps
FDC of germany_2009_ps_darwin.jpg germany_2009_ps_darwin FDC of germany_2010_ps.jpg germany_2010_ps FDC of germany_2017_ps.jpg germany_2017_ps
FDC of germany_2018_ps.jpg germany_2018_ps FDC of germany_ddr_198x_ps1.jpg germany_ddr_198x_ps1 FDC of germany_ddr_1982_ps1.jpg germany_ddr_1982_ps1
FDC of germany_ddr_1982_ps2.jpg germany_ddr_1982_ps2 FDC of germany_ddr_1983_ps1.jpg germany_ddr_1983_ps1 FDC of germany_ddr_1984_ps2.jpg germany_ddr_1984_ps2
FDC of germany_ddr_1990_ps1.jpg germany_ddr_1990_ps1 FDC of hong_kong_2014_ps_front.jpg hong_kong_2014_ps_front
FDC of hungary_1996_ps.jpg hungary_1996_ps FDC of korea_north_2002_ps.jpg korea_north_2002_ps FDC of korea_north_2004_ps.jpg korea_north_2004_ps
FDC of korea_north_2007_ps.jpg korea_north_2007_ps FDC of korea_north_2010_ps.jpg korea_north_2010_ps FDC of korea_north_2011_aerogramm.jpg korea_north_2011_aerogramm
FDC of korea_north_2011_ps.jpg korea_north_2011_ps FDC of korea_north_2013_aerogramme.jpg korea_north_2013_aerogramme FDC of korea_north_2013_ps.jpg korea_north_2013_ps
FDC of korea_north_2013_ps2.jpg korea_north_2013_ps2 FDC of korea_south_1999_ps.jpg korea_south_1999_ps FDC of moldova_2016_ps.jpg moldova_2016_ps
FDC of poland_1970_ps.jpg poland_1970_ps FDC of poland_2007_ps.jpg poland_2007_ps FDC of romania_1994_ps1.jpg romania_1994_ps1
FDC of romania_1994_ps2.jpg romania_1994_ps2 FDC of romania_1994_ps3.jpg romania_1994_ps3 FDC of romania_1994_ps4.jpg romania_1994_ps4
FDC of romania_1999_ps.jpg romania_1999_ps FDC of romania_2007_ps.jpg romania_2007_ps FDC of romania_xxx1_ps.jpg romania_xxx1_ps
FDC of romania_xxx2_ps.jpg romania_xxx2_ps FDC of romania_xxx3_ps.jpg romania_xxx3_ps FDC of russia_1994_ps_oparin.jpg russia_1994_ps_oparin
FDC of russia_1997_ps_karpinskij.jpg russia_1997_ps_karpinskij FDC of russia_2011_ps1.jpg russia_2011_ps1 FDC of russia_2016_ps.jpg russia_2016_ps
FDC of russia_2016_ps2.jpg russia_2016_ps2 FDC of russia_2017_ps.jpg russia_2017_ps FDC of ukraine_2011_ps_andrusov.jpg ukraine_2011_ps_andrusov
FDC of ukraine_2012_ps_borisyak.jpg ukraine_2012_ps_borisyak FDC of usa_1922_ps_used.jpg usa_1922_ps_used FDC of usa_xxx_ps1.jpg usa_xxx_ps1
FDC of usa_xxx_ps2.jpg usa_xxx_ps2 FDC of ussr_1975_ps1.jpg ussr_1975_ps1 FDC of ussr_1975_ps2_cov.jpg ussr_1975_ps2_cov
FDC of ussr_1975_ps2_pc.jpg ussr_1975_ps2_pc FDC of ussr_1976_ps.jpg ussr_1976_ps FDC of ussr_1982_ps_efremov.jpg ussr_1982_ps_efremov
FDC of ussr_1986_ps_chernov.jpg ussr_1986_ps_chernov FDC of ussr_1986_ps2.jpg ussr_1986_ps2 FDC of ussr_1989_ps_nalivkin.jpg ussr_1989_ps_nalivkin