Gallery of FDC indirectly related to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology

This gallery contains 135 images of FDC (First Day Covers) depicting fossil sites, Natural History Museums, contributors to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology, primitive tools of prehistoric humans, rock painting of prehistoric animals.

Term: A FDC (First Day Cover) is a cover with a stamp canceled with either a commemorative, specially designed, pictorial postmark or a regular postmark with the date of the official release of the stamp.
The postmark usually indicates the date the stamp was issued and the city where it was first released.
Some countries issue stamps on one date, but the postmark is applied to FDCs weeks or even months after the date of release.
Most Postal authorities design FDCs that highlight the same theme or design as the stamp.
Other countries have a regular design that is used for all FDCs regardless of topic.

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Many of the FDCs shown on this page are from the collection of the Site Admin. Other images were shared by friends or visitors to the site. A few were downloaded from other sites on the internet.
If you have a nice FDC that is not shown here, please send the Site Admin a scan that can be posted (600 dpi preferred).

  • Many thanks to fellow collector Jon Noad from Calgary, Canada, who shared many scans from his covers collection.
  • Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for the draft page review and English corrections.
Last update 06.01.2022

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FDC of afar_isas_1973_fdc afar_isas_1973_fdc FDC of aland_2011 aland_2011 FDC of andorra_1976_jefferson_fdc andorra_1976_jefferson_fdc
FDC of andorra_1976_jefferson_fdc2 andorra_1976_jefferson_fdc2 FDC of angola_1990_fdc angola_1990_fdc FDC of argentina_1982_fdc argentina_1982_fdc
FDC of argentina_2003_fdc argentina_2003_fdc FDC of argentina_2007_fdc argentina_2007_fdc FDC of argentina_2014_fdc argentina_2014_fdc
FDC of australia_1993_2_fdc australia_1993_2_fdc FDC of austria_1968_fdc austria_1968_fdc FDC of austria_1968_fdc_used austria_1968_fdc_used
FDC of austria_1968_fdc2 austria_1968_fdc2 FDC of austria_1980_wegener_fdc austria_1980_wegener_fdc FDC of austria_1983_hasenauer_fdc austria_1983_hasenauer_fdc
FDC of austria_1989_fdc austria_1989_fdc FDC of austria_1989_suess_fdc austria_1989_suess_fdc FDC of austria_2015_fdc austria_2015_fdc
FDC of bat_1987_fdc bat_1987_fdc FDC of bat_2001_fdc bat_2001_fdc FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2010_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2010_fdc
FDC of brazil_1982_fdc brazil_1982_fdc FDC of bulgaria_2018_fdc bulgaria_2018_fdc FDC of canada_2014_unesco_fdc canada_2014_unesco_fdc
FDC of canada_2015_unesco_fdc canada_2015_unesco_fdc FDC of canada_2015_unesco2_fdc canada_2015_unesco2_fdc FDC of china_1959_fdc_used china_1959_fdc_used
FDC of china_2002_fdc china_2002_fdc FDC of christmas_island_1977-1978_fdc christmas_island_1977-1978_fdc FDC of cocos_isl_1976_fdc cocos_isl_1976_fdc
FDC of cocos_isl_1976_fdc_used cocos_isl_1976_fdc_used FDC of cocos_isl_1990_fdc cocos_isl_1990_fdc FDC of cocos_isl_2009_fdc cocos_isl_2009_fdc
FDC of comoros_isl_1998_fdc comoros_isl_1998_fdc FDC of croatia_2020_fdc croatia_2020_fdc FDC of cuba_1985_2_fdc cuba_1985_2_fdc
FDC of czech_2009_darwin_fd_cused czech_2009_darwin_fd_cused FDC of czech_2010_fdc czech_2010_fdc FDC of czech_2013_fdc czech_2013_fdc
FDC of czech_2017_2_fdc czech_2017_2_fdc FDC of czech_2018_fdc czech_2018_fdc FDC of denmark_1969_stenno_fdc denmark_1969_stenno_fdc
FDC of denmark_1969_stenno_fdc2 denmark_1969_stenno_fdc2 FDC of denmark_1969_stenno_fdc3_signed denmark_1969_stenno_fdc3_signed FDC of denmark_1988_worm_fdc denmark_1988_worm_fdc
FDC of ecuador_1999_fdc ecuador_1999_fdc FDC of falkland_isl_1985_fdc2 falkland_isl_1985_fdc2 FDC of falkland_island_1985_2_fdc falkland_island_1985_2_fdc
FDC of france_1968_fdc france_1968_fdc FDC of france_1993_fdc france_1993_fdc FDC of france_2006_fdc france_2006_fdc
FDC of germany_1980_persons_fdc germany_1980_persons_fdc FDC of germany_1980_wegener_fdc germany_1980_wegener_fdc FDC of germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc
FDC of germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc_private_used germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc_private_used FDC of germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc2_private germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc2_private FDC of germany_ddr_1980_wegener_fdc germany_ddr_1980_wegener_fdc
FDC of gibraltar_2018_fdc gibraltar_2018_fdc FDC of groendland_1980_wegener_fdc groendland_1980_wegener_fdc FDC of hungary_2019_fdc hungary_2019_fdc
FDC of india_1984_wadia_fdc india_1984_wadia_fdc FDC of israel_2014_fdc israel_2014_fdc FDC of israel_2017_fdc israel_2017_fdc
FDC of israel_2017_fdc_used israel_2017_fdc_used FDC of italy_2015_fdc italy_2015_fdc FDC of japan_1999_fdc2 japan_1999_fdc2
FDC of japan_2012_fdc japan_2012_fdc FDC of kuwait_1982_fdc kuwait_1982_fdc FDC of latvia_2020_fdc latvia_2020_fdc
FDC of liechtenstein_2015_fdc_used liechtenstein_2015_fdc_used FDC of macedonia_2007_linnei_fdc macedonia_2007_linnei_fdc FDC of malaysia_2019_fdc malaysia_2019_fdc
FDC of mexico_1986_fdc mexico_1986_fdc FDC of mexico_1986_fdc2 mexico_1986_fdc2 FDC of moldova_2014_fdc1 moldova_2014_fdc1
FDC of moldova_2014_fdc2_used moldova_2014_fdc2_used FDC of monaco_1983_fdc_private monaco_1983_fdc_private FDC of monaco_2002_fdc monaco_2002_fdc
FDC of nepal_2014_fdc nepal_2014_fdc FDC of niuafoou_1996_fdc niuafoou_1996_fdc FDC of norway_1970_fdc norway_1970_fdc
FDC of peru_2019_fdc peru_2019_fdc FDC of portugal_2018_fdc portugal_2018_fdc FDC of portugal_2020_fdc portugal_2020_fdc
FDC of romania_2008_fdc romania_2008_fdc FDC of romania_2011_fdc romania_2011_fdc FDC of russia_2012_fdc russia_2012_fdc
FDC of russia_2012_fdc_private russia_2012_fdc_private FDC of russia_2015_fdc_moscow russia_2015_fdc_moscow FDC of russia_2015_fdc_yakutsk russia_2015_fdc_yakutsk
FDC of san_marino_1983_fdc san_marino_1983_fdc FDC of san_marino_2012_fdc san_marino_2012_fdc FDC of serbia_2004_milankovic_fdc_used serbia_2004_milankovic_fdc_used
FDC of serbia_2016_env_used serbia_2016_env_used FDC of slovenia_2007_fdc slovenia_2007_fdc FDC of somalia_1987_fdc somalia_1987_fdc
FDC of south_africa_1989_fdc south_africa_1989_fdc FDC of south_africa_1989_fdc2 south_africa_1989_fdc2 FDC of south_africa_1998_fdc south_africa_1998_fdc
FDC of south_africa_2001_fdc south_africa_2001_fdc FDC of spain_1967_fdc spain_1967_fdc FDC of spain_2015_fdc spain_2015_fdc
FDC of spain_2016_fdc spain_2016_fdc FDC of spain_2019_fdc spain_2019_fdc FDC of spain_2020_fdc spain_2020_fdc
FDC of sweden_1939_fdc_used sweden_1939_fdc_used FDC of sweden_1978_linni_fdc sweden_1978_linni_fdc FDC of taiwan_2016_fdc_used taiwan_2016_fdc_used
FDC of uk_2021_fdc1 uk_2021_fdc1 FDC of uk_2021_fdc2 uk_2021_fdc2 FDC of ukraine_2011_fdc ukraine_2011_fdc
FDC of usa_1938_fdc usa_1938_fdc FDC of usa_1939_fdc usa_1939_fdc FDC of usa_1946_fdc1 usa_1946_fdc1
FDC of usa_1946_fdc2 usa_1946_fdc2 FDC of usa_1946_fdc3 usa_1946_fdc3 FDC of usa_1946_fdc4 usa_1946_fdc4
FDC of usa_1946_fdc5 usa_1946_fdc5 FDC of usa_1946_fdc6 usa_1946_fdc6 FDC of usa_1954_jefferson_fdc usa_1954_jefferson_fdc
FDC of usa_1954_jefferson_fdc2 usa_1954_jefferson_fdc2 FDC of usa_1954_jefferson_fdc3 usa_1954_jefferson_fdc3 FDC of usa_1968_jefferson_fdc usa_1968_jefferson_fdc
FDC of usa_1968_jefferson_fdc2 usa_1968_jefferson_fdc2 FDC of usa_1968_jefferson_fdc3 usa_1968_jefferson_fdc3 FDC of usa_1980_fdc usa_1980_fdc
FDC of usa_1980_fdc_private usa_1980_fdc_private FDC of usa_1980_fdc2 usa_1980_fdc2 FDC of usa_1982_fdc usa_1982_fdc
FDC of usa_1982_fdc_private usa_1982_fdc_private FDC of usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc1 usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc1 FDC of usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc2 usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc2
FDC of usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc3 usa_1996_smithsonian_fdc3 FDC of ussr_1991_fdc1 ussr_1991_fdc1