Gallery of postmarks and meter-frankings indirectly related to Paleontology and paleoanthropology.

This gallery contains almost 310 images of commemorative postmarks and meter-frankings depicting fossil sites, Natural History Museums, contributors to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology, primitive tools of prehistoric humans, rock painting of prehistoric animals, stylized or cartoon like prehistoric animals, prehistoric animals and fossils on postmarks and meterfranings of some commercial companies without any relation to Paleontology or Paleoanthropology.

round commemorative postmark example rectangular commemorative postmark example free form commemorative postmark example split commemorative postmark example
Postmark: an official mark stamped on a letter or other postal package, giving the place, date, and time of posting, and serving to cancel the postage stamp.
Modern postmarks are often applied to mark that the postage stamp has been used in order to prevent reuse.
Postmarks may be applied by hand or by machines, using methods such as rollers or inkjets, while digital postmarks are a recent innovation.
Commemorative postmarks are usually larger than regular Circular Date Stamp (CDS) and contain an extra image and/or some special text to sign some event of anniversary.
Usually commemorative postmarks are round or rectangular, but can be also free form.
Sometimes it is split in two parts: regular date postmark and commemorative image or text attached to it. [R1]

commemorative meter franking example Meter-franking: imprints an amount of postage, functioning as a postage stamp, a cancellation and a dated postmark all in one.
The meter stamp serves as proof of payment and eliminates the need for adhesive stamps.
A meter franking, distinguished from a postmark, always include a paid rate towards the mailing.
Meter-franking made by postage meter or franking machine - mechanical device used to create and apply physical evidence of postage (or franking) to mailed matter.
Postage meters are regulated by a country's postal authority. [R2]

[R1]   Postmark: Oxford Dictionaries, Wikipedia.
[R2]   Meter-franking (postage meter): Oxford Dictionaries

The Commemorative postmarks and meter frankings can be divided in several groups:
  1. Mineral and Fossil trade shows and events that took place at various locations around the world. Some of these events have commemorative postmark or meter franking designed in cooperation with the local Postal Authority.
  2. Philatelic clubs. Some philatelic clubs/communities issue commemorative postmarks or meter franking in cooperation with local post authority for their events. Annual meeting, exhibits etc.
  3. Some municipalities and companies located at natural parks with important fossil-found location might use some commemorative postmarks or meter franking to attract tourists to visit the region.
  4. Most interesting category is postmarks and meter franking issued by Natural History Museums that shows their artifacts and some paleontologic organizations that issues postmarks and meter franking to commemorate their events or anniversaries.

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FDC of australia_1993_pm6 australia_1993_pm6 FDC of australia_1993_pm7 australia_1993_pm7 FDC of austria_1971_Christian_Leopold_von_Buch austria_1971_Christian_Leopold_von_Buch
FDC of austria_1982_mf1 austria_1982_mf1 FDC of austria_1982_pm austria_1982_pm FDC of austria_1988_pm1 austria_1988_pm1
FDC of austria_1989_pm1 austria_1989_pm1 FDC of austria_1992_pm1 austria_1992_pm1 FDC of austria_1995_pm austria_1995_pm
FDC of austria_1998_mf austria_1998_mf FDC of austria_1999_pm_fdc austria_1999_pm_fdc FDC of austria_2002_mf1 austria_2002_mf1
FDC of austria_2003_mf1 austria_2003_mf1 FDC of belgium_2000_pm_fdc belgium_2000_pm_fdc FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2010_cancellation bosnia_herzegovina_2010_cancellation
FDC of china_1991_pm1 china_1991_pm1 FDC of china_1991_pm2 china_1991_pm2 FDC of china_1991_pm3 china_1991_pm3
FDC of china_2003_pm3 china_2003_pm3 FDC of china_2007_pm china_2007_pm FDC of china_2007_pm2 china_2007_pm2
FDC of cocos_isl_1986_pm_fdc cocos_isl_1986_pm_fdc FDC of croatia_1999_pm3 croatia_1999_pm3 FDC of croatia_2001_pm croatia_2001_pm
FDC of czech_2018_pm_fdc czech_2018_pm_fdc FDC of czech_2019_label czech_2019_label FDC of czech_2019_label2 czech_2019_label2
FDC of czech_2019_pm3 czech_2019_pm3 FDC of czech_2020_r-label_5 czech_2020_r-label_5 FDC of estonia_1992_pm estonia_1992_pm
FDC of france_1957_pm france_1957_pm FDC of france_1960_pm france_1960_pm FDC of france_1962_pm france_1962_pm
FDC of france_1968_pm france_1968_pm FDC of france_1970_pm france_1970_pm FDC of france_1972_pm france_1972_pm
FDC of france_1972_pm2 france_1972_pm2 FDC of france_1979_pm france_1979_pm FDC of france_1980_pm4 france_1980_pm4
FDC of france_1981_pm1 france_1981_pm1 FDC of france_1982_pm france_1982_pm FDC of france_1986_pm france_1986_pm
FDC of france_1989_mf1 france_1989_mf1 FDC of france_1989_pm2 france_1989_pm2 FDC of france_1991_pm france_1991_pm
FDC of france_1992_mf1 france_1992_mf1 FDC of france_1992_pm5 france_1992_pm5 FDC of france_1993_pm1 france_1993_pm1
FDC of france_1994_pm3 france_1994_pm3 FDC of france_1994_pm5 france_1994_pm5 FDC of france_1998_mf france_1998_mf
FDC of france_2003_pm1 france_2003_pm1 FDC of france_2005_pm france_2005_pm FDC of france_2005_pm2 france_2005_pm2
FDC of france_2010_mf1 france_2010_mf1 FDC of france_2010_pm2_fdc france_2010_pm2_fdc FDC of france_2011_pm1 france_2011_pm1
FDC of france_2017_mf france_2017_mf FDC of germany_1935_mf2 germany_1935_mf2 FDC of germany_1937_mf1 germany_1937_mf1
FDC of germany_1938_mf1 germany_1938_mf1 FDC of germany_1938_mf1a germany_1938_mf1a FDC of germany_1938_mf2 germany_1938_mf2
FDC of germany_1950_mf1 germany_1950_mf1 FDC of germany_1960_mf1 germany_1960_mf1 FDC of germany_1960_mf2 germany_1960_mf2
FDC of germany_1960_mf3 germany_1960_mf3 FDC of germany_1961_mf1 germany_1961_mf1 FDC of germany_1963_mf1 germany_1963_mf1
FDC of germany_1964_mf1 germany_1964_mf1 FDC of germany_1967_mf1 germany_1967_mf1 FDC of germany_1969_mf1 germany_1969_mf1
FDC of germany_1972_pm1 germany_1972_pm1 FDC of germany_1976_mf1 germany_1976_mf1 FDC of germany_1976_pm3 germany_1976_pm3
FDC of germany_1977_pm1 germany_1977_pm1 FDC of germany_1978_mf1 germany_1978_mf1 FDC of germany_1979_mf1 germany_1979_mf1
FDC of germany_1980_mf1_1981 germany_1980_mf1_1981 FDC of germany_1980_mf2 germany_1980_mf2 FDC of germany_1980_mf4 germany_1980_mf4
FDC of germany_1980_pm1 germany_1980_pm1 FDC of germany_1980_pm3 germany_1980_pm3 FDC of germany_1981_mf2 germany_1981_mf2
FDC of germany_1981_mf3 germany_1981_mf3 FDC of germany_1981_mf4 germany_1981_mf4 FDC of germany_1982_mf1 germany_1982_mf1
FDC of germany_1982_mf2 germany_1982_mf2 FDC of germany_1982_mf2_1984 germany_1982_mf2_1984 FDC of germany_1982_mf3 germany_1982_mf3
FDC of germany_1983_mf1 germany_1983_mf1 FDC of germany_1984_mf3 germany_1984_mf3 FDC of germany_1986_mf1 germany_1986_mf1
FDC of germany_1988_mf2 germany_1988_mf2 FDC of germany_1988_mf4 germany_1988_mf4 FDC of germany_1989_mf1 germany_1989_mf1
FDC of germany_1990_mf germany_1990_mf FDC of germany_1991_mf1 germany_1991_mf1 FDC of germany_1992_mf1 germany_1992_mf1
FDC of germany_1992_mf1_1993 germany_1992_mf1_1993 FDC of germany_1992_mf1a germany_1992_mf1a FDC of germany_1992_mf2_2001 germany_1992_mf2_2001
FDC of germany_1992_mf3 germany_1992_mf3 FDC of germany_1992_mf3a germany_1992_mf3a FDC of germany_1992_mf4 germany_1992_mf4
FDC of germany_1993_pm1 germany_1993_pm1 FDC of germany_1994_mf1 germany_1994_mf1 FDC of germany_1994_mf2 germany_1994_mf2
FDC of germany_1994_mf3 germany_1994_mf3 FDC of germany_1994_mf4 germany_1994_mf4 FDC of germany_1994_mf5 germany_1994_mf5
FDC of germany_1994_pm1a germany_1994_pm1a FDC of germany_1994_pm3 germany_1994_pm3 FDC of germany_1994_pm4 germany_1994_pm4
FDC of germany_1994_pm5 germany_1994_pm5 FDC of germany_1995_mf1 germany_1995_mf1 FDC of germany_1996_mf2 germany_1996_mf2
FDC of germany_1997_mf1 germany_1997_mf1 FDC of germany_1997_pm1 germany_1997_pm1 FDC of germany_1998_mf1 germany_1998_mf1
FDC of germany_1998_mf1a germany_1998_mf1a FDC of germany_1998_pm1_fdc germany_1998_pm1_fdc FDC of germany_1998_pm2_fdc germany_1998_pm2_fdc
FDC of germany_1999_mf1 germany_1999_mf1 FDC of germany_2000_mf1 germany_2000_mf1 FDC of germany_2000_mf2 germany_2000_mf2
FDC of germany_2000_mf3 germany_2000_mf3 FDC of germany_2000_pm1 germany_2000_pm1 FDC of germany_2001_mf1 germany_2001_mf1
FDC of germany_2002_mf germany_2002_mf FDC of germany_2002_mf1 germany_2002_mf1 FDC of germany_2002_mf2 germany_2002_mf2
FDC of germany_2002_mf4 germany_2002_mf4 FDC of germany_2002_mf5 germany_2002_mf5 FDC of germany_2003_mf2 germany_2003_mf2
FDC of germany_2004_mf1 germany_2004_mf1 FDC of germany_2004_mf4 germany_2004_mf4 FDC of germany_2005_pm1 germany_2005_pm1
FDC of germany_2005_pm2 germany_2005_pm2 FDC of germany_2006_mf germany_2006_mf FDC of germany_2006_mf1 germany_2006_mf1
FDC of germany_2006_mf1_2007 germany_2006_mf1_2007 FDC of germany_2006_mf3 germany_2006_mf3 FDC of germany_2006_pm germany_2006_pm
FDC of germany_2007_mf1 germany_2007_mf1 FDC of germany_2007_mf2 germany_2007_mf2 FDC of germany_2007_mf3 germany_2007_mf3
FDC of germany_2007_pm2 germany_2007_pm2 FDC of germany_2007_pm3 germany_2007_pm3 FDC of germany_2007_pm4 germany_2007_pm4
FDC of germany_2008_pm germany_2008_pm FDC of germany_2008_pm15 germany_2008_pm15 FDC of germany_2010_mf1 germany_2010_mf1
FDC of germany_2011_mf1 germany_2011_mf1 FDC of germany_2011_mf2 germany_2011_mf2 FDC of germany_2011_pm4 germany_2011_pm4
FDC of germany_2012_mf1 germany_2012_mf1 FDC of germany_2012_mf2 germany_2012_mf2 FDC of germany_2012_pm1 germany_2012_pm1
FDC of germany_2012_pm2 germany_2012_pm2 FDC of germany_2017_mf1 germany_2017_mf1 FDC of germany_2017_mf4 germany_2017_mf4
FDC of germany_2017_pm1 germany_2017_pm1 FDC of germany_2018_pm2 germany_2018_pm2 FDC of germany_2018_pm4 germany_2018_pm4
FDC of germany_ddr_1980_pm germany_ddr_1980_pm FDC of germany_ddr_1982_pm germany_ddr_1982_pm FDC of germany_ddr_1983_pm3 germany_ddr_1983_pm3
FDC of germany_ddr_1984_pm germany_ddr_1984_pm FDC of gibraltar_1973_pm_fdc gibraltar_1973_pm_fdc FDC of gibraltar_2018_pm_fdc gibraltar_2018_pm_fdc
FDC of hungary_2019_pm_fdc hungary_2019_pm_fdc FDC of ireland_2009_pm_fdc ireland_2009_pm_fdc FDC of italy_1977_pm italy_1977_pm
FDC of italy_1995_pm3 italy_1995_pm3 FDC of italy_2004_pm1 italy_2004_pm1 FDC of italy_2004_pm2 italy_2004_pm2
FDC of italy_2007_pm italy_2007_pm FDC of italy_2012_pm1 italy_2012_pm1 FDC of italy_2015_pm1 italy_2015_pm1
FDC of italy_2015_pm2 italy_2015_pm2 FDC of italy_2018_pm1 italy_2018_pm1 FDC of italy_2019_pm1 italy_2019_pm1
FDC of japan_1977_pm_fdc japan_1977_pm_fdc FDC of japan_1999_pm_fdc japan_1999_pm_fdc FDC of lithuania_2009_pm_fdc lithuania_2009_pm_fdc
FDC of macedonia_2001_pm macedonia_2001_pm FDC of macedonia_2007_pm macedonia_2007_pm FDC of mauritius_1982_pm_fdc mauritius_1982_pm_fdc
FDC of mexico_1986_pm mexico_1986_pm FDC of moldova_1995_pm_fdc moldova_1995_pm_fdc FDC of moldova_2014_pm moldova_2014_pm
FDC of moldova_2019_pm moldova_2019_pm FDC of monaco_2010_pm monaco_2010_pm FDC of monaco_2010_pm_fdc monaco_2010_pm_fdc
FDC of monaco_2017_pm monaco_2017_pm FDC of monaco_2020_mf1 monaco_2020_mf1 FDC of netherlands_1976_mf1 netherlands_1976_mf1
FDC of niuafoou_1996_pm_fdc niuafoou_1996_pm_fdc FDC of peru_2013_pm_fdc peru_2013_pm_fdc FDC of peru_2019_pm_fdc peru_2019_pm_fdc
FDC of romania_1980_pm1 romania_1980_pm1 FDC of romania_1980_pm2 romania_1980_pm2 FDC of romania_1980_pm3 romania_1980_pm3
FDC of romania_1983_pm romania_1983_pm FDC of romania_1987_pm romania_1987_pm FDC of romania_1988_pm romania_1988_pm
FDC of romania_1992_pm romania_1992_pm FDC of romania_2000_pm1 romania_2000_pm1 FDC of romania_2000_pm2 romania_2000_pm2
FDC of romania_2000_pm3 romania_2000_pm3 FDC of romania_2000_pm4 romania_2000_pm4 FDC of romania_2002_pm1 romania_2002_pm1
FDC of romania_2002_pm2 romania_2002_pm2 FDC of romania_2005_pm romania_2005_pm FDC of romania_2007_pm romania_2007_pm
FDC of romania_2008_pm_fdc romania_2008_pm_fdc FDC of romania_2010_pm romania_2010_pm FDC of romania_2012_pm romania_2012_pm
FDC of romania_2015_pm romania_2015_pm FDC of romania_2020_pm_fdc romania_2020_pm_fdc FDC of russia_2006_pm1 russia_2006_pm1
FDC of russia_2007_pm1 russia_2007_pm1 FDC of russia_2013_pm1 russia_2013_pm1 FDC of russia_2014_pm1 russia_2014_pm1
FDC of russia_2014_pm2 russia_2014_pm2 FDC of russia_2015_pm russia_2015_pm FDC of serbia_2020_pm_fdc serbia_2020_pm_fdc
FDC of slovenia_1999_pm slovenia_1999_pm FDC of slovenia_2001_pm slovenia_2001_pm FDC of slovenia_2007_pm_fdc slovenia_2007_pm_fdc
FDC of south_africa_1988_pm south_africa_1988_pm FDC of spain_1957_pm spain_1957_pm FDC of spain_1983_pm spain_1983_pm
FDC of spain_1989_pm spain_1989_pm FDC of spain_1989_pm2 spain_1989_pm2 FDC of spain_1994_pm1 spain_1994_pm1
FDC of spain_1997_pm spain_1997_pm FDC of spain_1997_pm2 spain_1997_pm2 FDC of spain_2003_pm spain_2003_pm
FDC of spain_2013_pm spain_2013_pm FDC of spain_2015_pm_fdc spain_2015_pm_fdc FDC of spain_2015_pm2 spain_2015_pm2
FDC of spain_2015_pm3 spain_2015_pm3 FDC of spain_2016_pm1 spain_2016_pm1 FDC of spain_2016_pm2 spain_2016_pm2
FDC of spain_2016_pm3 spain_2016_pm3 FDC of spain_2016_pm4 spain_2016_pm4 FDC of spain_2018_pm spain_2018_pm
FDC of spain_2018_pm2 spain_2018_pm2 FDC of spain_2019_pm spain_2019_pm FDC of spain_2020_pm spain_2020_pm
FDC of tonga_1996_pm_fdc tonga_1996_pm_fdc FDC of uk_1958_pm uk_1958_pm FDC of uk_1981_pm uk_1981_pm
FDC of uk_1982_pm1_fdc uk_1982_pm1_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm2_fdc uk_1982_pm2_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm3_fdc uk_1982_pm3_fdc
FDC of uk_1982_pm4_fdc uk_1982_pm4_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm5_fdc uk_1982_pm5_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm6_fdc uk_1982_pm6_fdc
FDC of uk_1982_pm7_fdc uk_1982_pm7_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm8_fdc uk_1982_pm8_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm9_fdc uk_1982_pm9_fdc
FDC of uk_1982_pm10_fdc uk_1982_pm10_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm11_fdc uk_1982_pm11_fdc FDC of uk_1982_pm12_fdc uk_1982_pm12_fdc
FDC of uk_1985_pm uk_1985_pm FDC of uk_1988_mf uk_1988_mf FDC of uk_1989_mf uk_1989_mf
FDC of uk_1991_pm1_fdc uk_1991_pm1_fdc FDC of uk_2003_pm1 uk_2003_pm1 FDC of uk_2009_pm1_fdc uk_2009_pm1_fdc
FDC of uk_2009_pm2_fdc uk_2009_pm2_fdc FDC of uk_2009_pm3_fdc uk_2009_pm3_fdc FDC of uk_2009_pm4_fdc uk_2009_pm4_fdc
FDC of uk_2009_pm5_fdc uk_2009_pm5_fdc FDC of uk_2009_pm6_fdc uk_2009_pm6_fdc FDC of uk_2009_pm7_fdc uk_2009_pm7_fdc
FDC of uk_2009_pm8_fdc uk_2009_pm8_fdc FDC of uk_2010_pm1_fdc uk_2010_pm1_fdc FDC of uk_2012_pm1 uk_2012_pm1
FDC of uk_2017_pm2_fdc uk_2017_pm2_fdc FDC of urugay_2009_pm_fdc urugay_2009_pm_fdc FDC of usa_1989_pm02 usa_1989_pm02
FDC of usa_1989_pm03 usa_1989_pm03 FDC of usa_1989_pm04 usa_1989_pm04 FDC of usa_1989_pm05 usa_1989_pm05
FDC of usa_1989_pm06 usa_1989_pm06 FDC of usa_1989_pm07 usa_1989_pm07 FDC of usa_1989_pm08 usa_1989_pm08
FDC of usa_1989_pm09 usa_1989_pm09 FDC of usa_1989_pm10 usa_1989_pm10 FDC of usa_1989_pm11 usa_1989_pm11
FDC of usa_1989_pm12 usa_1989_pm12 FDC of usa_1989_pm51 usa_1989_pm51 FDC of usa_1989_pm52 usa_1989_pm52
FDC of usa_1991_pm usa_1991_pm FDC of usa_2006_pm1 usa_2006_pm1 FDC of usa_2019_pm4 usa_2019_pm4
FDC of usa_2019_pm8 usa_2019_pm8 FDC of usa_2019_pm11 usa_2019_pm11 FDC of usa_2019_pm13 usa_2019_pm13
FDC of usa_2019_pm15 usa_2019_pm15 FDC of usa_2019_pm21 usa_2019_pm21 FDC of usa_2019_pm22 usa_2019_pm22
FDC of usa_2019_pm25 usa_2019_pm25