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Denmark 2009 "Danish Nature"

Issue Date 25.03.2009
ID Michel: 1524-1527, Bl. 36 Scott: Stanley Gibbons: Yvert: UPU: DK012.09-DK015.09 Category: pF
Author Photos:
Jimmy Lassen, Jens Schou (DKK 5.00)
John Larsen (DKK 5.50)
Steen Drozd Lund, Tommy Kaae (DKK 8.00)
Nils Natorp / GeoCenter Mons klint (DKK 17.00)
Drawings: Martin Moerck
Design: Post Danmark, Frimaerker
Stamps in set 4
Value 5.00 Pyramidal Orchids
5.50 Peregrine Falcon
8.00 Thyme zygaenidae
17.00 Mosasaur teeth
Size (width x height) 28.84x39.52mm
Layout 50 stamps in sheet (10x5)
Products Block x1 PP x1
Perforation 12x12
Print Technique 4-colour offset, lithography
Printed by Post Danmark Stamps
Issuing Authority Post Danmark
Mosasaur teeth on Danish Nature on stamps of Denmark 2009

Over a number of years, Post Danmark's "Danish Nature" series has been celebrating the diversity of Denmark's native flora and fauna, and has featured familiar species as well as more rare specimens. This year, four stamps will be issued based on the unique nature in and around Mons Klint. Thanks to its varied landscape and chalky soil, many of the animals and plants found here are unknown elsewhere in Denmark.

Reconstruction of Mosasaur on stamp of Poland 1965

Reconstruction of Mosasaur on stamp of Poland 1965 (part of set)

The chalk of Moens Klint contains fossils of marine species that lived in the area some 70 million years ago. Three teeth found on the beach at Moens Klint in 2007 turned out to be from a mosasaur, the most feared predator of the Cretaceous Period a voracious 16-metre monster with razor-sharp teeth that hunted and devoured sharks, octopuses and even smaller members of its own species. One of the three teeth found on Moens Klint features on the DKK 17.00 stamp. The tooth is now on display in the GeoCenter Moens Klint, alongside a lifelike copy of the killer creature and information about how it hunted and bred.

There are several exhibitions dedicated to natural history of the region there.

The exhibition has been structured around a time travel of 70 million years' duration. Here high-technological exhibition techniques, free artistic interpretations and rare fossils will take you from the bottom of the Chalk Ocean and directly up to the unique nature to be found on the present-day Cliff of Moen.

The exhibition comprises a prehistoric element, a present-day element, a work shop, a climbing cave, a small cinema below the glacier and a 3-D cinema.
The workshop is an active workplace where, throughout the day, children and adults can partake in lots of exciting activities together with the nature guide.

Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe

Note: GeoCenter Moens Klint is owned by a private commercial foundation established in accordance with non-profit principles for the purpose of: running a geology and nautre centre at the Cliff of Moen, including being of service to the audience and to provide presentation of nature and culture matters; providing other nature and cultural presentation for the common good

Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe is protector of GeoCenter Moens Klint. (the stamp on the right side issued in Denmark in 1997 with a title " Queen Margrethe II- Jubilee", part of set of 4 values).

Mosasaur teeth on Danish Nature on stamps of Denmark 2009

Images above are from Presentation Pack


Mini Sheet Presentation Pack

Mosasaur teeth on Danish Nature on stamps of Denmark 2009

Mosasaur teeth on Danish Nature on stamps of Denmark 2009


Mosasaur teeth on Danish Nature on FDC of Denmark 2009

References: Wikipedia UPU WOPA Post Danmark Presentation Pack GeoCenter Moens Klint


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