Dinosaurs on stamps and postmarks of Senegal

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Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal, is a country in West Africa. Senegal's economic and political capital is Dakar.
It is the westernmost country in the mainland of the Old World, or Afro-Eurasia, and owes its name to the Senegal River, which borders it to the east and north.
The name "Senegal" comes from the Wolof "Sunuu Gaal", which means "Our Boat". Senegal covers a land area of almost 197,000 square kilometres and has an estimated population of about 13 million.
Discovered and claimed by Portugal in the late 15th century, the islands' sugar-based economy gave way to coffee and cocoa in the 19th century - all grown with African plantation slave labour, a form of which lingered into the 20th century.
Senegal gained independence from Portugal in 1975.
The recent discovery of oil in the Gulf of Guinea promises to attract increased attention to the small island nation. [R1]

The first stamps of Senegal were issued in 1887. Before that general issues of the French Colonies were used.
Stamps for the Republic of Senegal were first issued in 1960. To date (2020), there is only one stamp set issued by Senegal related to paleontology – a set of dinosaur stamps from 1995. [R2]

Official stamps of Senegal related to Paleontology: dinosaurs

27.01.1995 "Dinosaurs" [1]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Senegal 1995

Diplodocus on stamp of Senegal 1995 Diplodocus on stamp of Senegal 1995,
MiNr.: 1281, Scott: 1133
[1] Even though these stamps were issued in March, 1994, as printed on the selvage on the bottom left corner of the mini-sheet, these stamps were not circulated until January, 1995.
First Day Covers of this set have a postmark date of 27.01.1995.
The Michel Catalog lists these as issued in 1995, whereas the Scott Catalog erroneously lists them as 1994 issues.

Commemorative postmarks of Senegal related to Paleontology: dinosaurs

Legend is here
27.01.1995 "Dinosaurs" [FDC]
Tyrannosaurus dinosaur on postmark of Senegal 1995

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              Links to official website of the Post Authority, stamp catalog and a list of new stamps of Senegal are here.

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