Aland Islands (Finland)

Prehistoric animals, Fossils and fossil found places on stamps and postmarks of Aland Islands

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The Åland Islands or Åland is a region of Finland that consists of an archipelago of an archipelago that stretches across the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea.
It is an an autonomous, demilitarized zone within Finland. It is the only monolinguistic, Swedish-speaking region in Finland.
Collectively, the islands in the archipelago form the smallest region of Finland, constituting 0.49% of its land area and 0.50% of its population.
The autonomous status of the islands was affirmed by a decision made by the League of Nations in 1921 following the Åland crisis. It was reaffirmed within the treaty admitting Finland to the European Union.
By law, Åland is politically neutral and entirely demilitarised, and residents are exempt from conscription to the Finnish Defence Forces. The islands were granted extensive autonomy by the Parliament of Finland in the Act on the Autonomy of Åland of 1920, which was later replaced by new legislation of the same name in 1951 and 1991.
Åland remains exclusively Swedish-speaking by law. In connection with Finland's admission to the European Union, a protocol was signed concerning the Åland Islands that stipulates, among other things, that provisions of the European Community Treaty shall not force a change of the existing restrictions for foreigners (i.e., persons who do not enjoy "home region rights" (hembygdsrätt) in Åland) to acquire and hold real property or to provide certain services. [R1]

The first Aland stamps were issued 1 March 1984. Approximately 15 stamps describing Aland nature, culture, history, society and autonomy are issued every year. Also appearing every year is a variety of other collectibles, all with a connection to the stamp motifs. Stamps of Aland can be used both for internal and international post services. [R2]

Official stamps of Aland that related to Paleontology: prehistoric animals and their fossils

Trilobite and Gastropode on stamps of Aland 1996

Other stamps of Aland to consider: fossil found place

28.09.2011 "Aland Scenery" [O1]
Jomala and Koekar islands on stamps of Aland 2011
[O1] Jomala island, shown on the blue stamp is famous fossil-found place in the Aland islands.

Postmarks of Aland related to Paleontology: fossils

Legend is here
09.10.1996 "Fossils" [FDC]
Stylized Gastropod on commemorative postmark of Aland 1996

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