The Complete T. rex
(The Greatest Tyrant of All Time), by Mr. Fram Adam

Exhibit language: English

Tyrannosaurus rex (‘tyrant lizard king’) is one of the most recognized dinosaur names.
Discovered in 1906, the animal’s remains are found mainly in the badlands of the U.S., from Wyoming through the Dakotas and into Montana.
Just the name produces images of a savage and feared giant meat eater and according to modern study, Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) was both a fast (up to 40 mph) and ferocious hunter.
These giants died sixty-five million years ago, in a cataclysm caused by an asteroid hitting the earth.
This event changed the environment so severely that T. rex and his dinosaurian brothers were unable to adapt and the period of the ‘ruling reptiles’ came to an abrupt end.

This exhibit reviews the origin, life, habits and times of the ‘tyrant lizard king’ as well as our efforts to discover, study and display fossilized examples.
These pages have also been reviewed for scientific accuracy by a paleontologist specializing in dinosaurs.

Postal materials with ‘scientifically correct’ designs represent less than half of the adhesive postal stamp issues and pictorial cancels claiming to show our hero.
The subject itself is credibly difficult for the exhibitor due to the knowledge required to select the correct materials from a scientific viewpoint while maintaining a balance of philatelic elements on the exhibit page.
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