Czech 2018 "Eduard Storch"

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Issue Date 04.04.2018
ID Michel: 975,
Scott: 3750,
Stanley Gibbons: ?,
Yvert et Tellier: 880
Category: Ot
Design Zdenek Danek
Stamps in set 1
Value 19 CZK - Eduard Storch
Emission/Type commemorative
Issue place Ostromer
Size (width x height) 40 mm x 23 mm
Layout Sheet of 50 stamps
Products FDC x1
Perforation 12 x 12
Print Technique Offset lithography
Printed by Post Printing House
Issuing Authority Czech Post
Eduard Storch and mammoth on stamp of Czech Republic 2018

flint tool on postmark of Czech Republic 2018 On April 4, 2018 Post Authority of Czech Republic issued a stamp to commemorate the birthday of Eduard Storch with pair of mammoth in the background.

The stamp portrays Eduard Storch illuminated by the light of the fire in a prehistoric cave and an imaginary view from the cave with an outlined prehistoric mammoth. The primary motif of the first day cover is a mammoth. The First-Day-of-Issue Postmark uses the motif of a wedge-shaped hammerstone.
Eduard Storch was a Czech pedagogue, archaeologist and writer, known for novels set in prehistoric Bohemia during Stone and Bronze Age.
His most famous novel is "Mammoth Hunters" (1918, Lovci mamutů) set 30,000–20,000 years ago among people of Gravettian culture. Several of the books were illustrated by Zdeněk Burian.

Eduard Storch was born in Ostromer on 10 April 1878. He graduated from the grammar school and teacher’s college in Hradec Kralove.
He taught at many schools in eastern and northern Bohemia. He conducted paedagogical research and published the results in the Nova doba magazine. From 1903 to his retirement in 1938, he lived in Prague but was long denied the final appointment as a civil servant for political reasons. After World War I, he was appointed as a school inspector in Bratislava in 1919-1921. Storch was a very versatile man.
As a teacher, he tried to combine education with outdoor activities, such as a camp for children and parents on Prague’s Libensky island. He also gave swimming and skating lessons, led a scout troop, organised and led many ski courses for teachers and children.

Storch was a keen archaeologist. He gained the necessary knowledge by self study and later by his own archaeological research and practical experience. He conducted most of his archaelogical surveys in Prague and around Lobec in the Melnik region. He was also a writer, educator and journalist. Eduard Storch died in Prague on 25 June 1959.

Products and associated philatelic items

FDC (clean and circulated) First-Day-of-Issue Postmark
Eduard Storch and mammoth on used FDC of Czech Republic 2018 Eduard Storch and mammoth on used FDC of Czech Republic 2018 Wedge-shaped hammerstone on postmark of Czech Republic 2018 on Facebook - Welcome to join !

  • Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for the draft page review.

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