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Nepal 2017 "Prehistoric Mammals of Nepal"

Issue Date 22.09.2017
ID Michel: Stanley Gibbons: UPU: Category: pR
Author Design: Purna Kala Limbu Consultant: Dr. Ramesh Shrestha, Chief, Natural History Museum, Nepal
Stamps in set 6
Value Rs. 10 - Pachyportax
Rs. 10 - Hipparion
Rs. 10 - Dorcatherium
Rs. 10 - Hemibos Acuticornis
Rs. 100 - Brachypotherium Perminese
Rs. 200 - Giraffokeryx Punjabiensis
Size (width x height) 35 x 45 mm
Layout 40 stamps per sheet
Products Stamp folder x 1
Paper Security Stamp paper with special gumming
Perforation 13 (?)
Print Technique

Offset Lithography / Photogravure

Printed by Perum Peruri, Indonesia
Quantity 5.000.000
Issuing Authority His Majesty's Government of Nepal Postal Services Department
Prehistoric Mammals on stamps of Nepal 2017

On September 22, Post Authority of Nepal in cooperation with Natural History Museum of Nepal issued the third stamp set of prehistoric animals. This time, stamp folder produced instead of FDC.

Pachyportax on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017Pachyportax, extinct antelope that lived Miocene and Pilocene times, 15.97 to 3.6 million years ago in Asia region. It fossils found in different rivers in west Nepal.

Hemibos Acuticornis on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017Hemibos Acuticornis an extinct even-toed ungulate belonging to the bovidae family. Its fossil remains were found in Europe and Asia include Nepal. This animal was very similar to the current Indian buffalo, which is probably the ancestor. It was characterized by elongated and not prominent frontal bones; the horn cores of the horns did not have a neck at the base, and the angle between the horns was variable but usually comprised between 85 ° and 110 °.
Hipparion on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017 Hipparion is an extinct genus of horse that lived in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa during the Miocene through Pleistocene ~23 Mya—781,000 years ago. It is one of the first grazing horses. distingushed from modern horses he has two vestigal toes instead of one, on every feet. Dorcatherium on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017 Dorcatherium is an extinct genus of tragulid ruminant which existed in Europe, East Africa and the Siwaliks (Nepal) during the Miocene and Pliocene.

Brachypotherium Perminese on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017Brachypotherium Perminese is an extinct specie of rhinoceros, that lived in Europa, Asia and Africa through middle-upper Miocene period, 17-4 million years ago. The animals were characteristic of relatively shor skull, short legs and probably had no horn. With an estimated live weight of 5 tons, they were among the largest known rhinoceroses. They lived in open forest landscapes, feeding on soft plant food. Giraffokeryx on prehistoric mammal stamp of Nepal 2017Giraffokeryx is an extinct genus of medium-sized giraffid known from the Miocene of the Indian subcontinent and Eurasia. It is distinguished from other giraffids by the four ossicones on its head; one pair in front of the eyes on the anterior aspect of the frontal bone and the other behind the eyes in the fronto-parietal region overhanging the temporal fossae. It has a brachydont dentition like in other giraffids and legs and feet are of medium length. Wikipedia

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Stamps folder (presentation pack)
Souvenir folfer of prehistoric mammals of Nepal 2017

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Prof. Dr. Ramesh Shrestha, Chief, Natural History Museum for his support.

References: Natural History Museum of Nepal, Wikipedia


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