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Australia 2013 "Australian's Age of Dinosaurs" (self adhesive)

Issue Date 24.09.2013
ID Michel: Stanley Gibbons: UPU: Category: pR
Author Illustration: James Gurney
Product design: Sonia Young
Stamps in set 4
Value 4 x 60c
Size (width x height) 30mm x 50mm| 26mm x 37.5mm
Layout Booklets of 20 of self adhesive stamps
Products Booklets x2
Paper self-adhesive: B100
Perforation 14.6 x 13.86
Print Technique


Printed by McKellar Renown
Issuing Authority Australia Post
dinosaurs stamps of Australia 2013

End of Septemer 2013, after 20 yeras since issue of "Australia's Dinosaur Era.", anounced Australian Post about new dinosaur stamps. Similar to stamps of 1993 this issue contain six mint stamps issued in Mini-Sheet and individual sheets of 50 stamps, some self-adhesive stamps with the similar design, issued in booklets.

This stamp issue illustrates six prehistoric animals that lived in Australia during the Cretaceous period (around 145 million years ago to 65 million years ago).
Five of these animals are dinosaurs. The sixth, Koolasuchus is an amphibian that persisted on this continent long after it had become extinct elsewhere, a living fossil of its time.
From left to right, the minisheet covers a period of nearly 30 million years and extends from the older, polar Victoria to the younger,v more temperate Queensland. During those 30 million years, the most profound change that ever occurred in the terrestrial flora took place. This was the appearance of the flowering plants.The particular animals chosen were from Queensland and Victoria because it is in those two states that the vast majority of dinosaur material has been found on this continent. The amphibian and with one exception, all the dinosaurs depicting, have never previously been illustrated on stamps.

Here is an example about his great work
sketch of Koolasuchus stamp of Australia 2013

.James Gurney wrote in his blog "Here are six different stages of the development of the new Koolasuchus stamp from Australia Post. The first two are in pencil, drawn from imagination while looking at the fossil diagrams. The third is painted in gouache and colored pencil. When I made the maquette from Sculpey, I understood better how I could give the pose more twist. And I could turn the form in real sunlight to see exactly where the light and shadow divided. The comprehensive layout at center is drawn in charcoal on vellum. This was the map for the final oil painting. "

Booklet of 20 self adhesive stamps of Dinosaurs, Australia 2013 Booklet of 20 self adhesive stamps of Dinosaurs, Australia 2013

References: Australia Post


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