Burundi 2012 "Dinosaurs"

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Issue Date 31.08.2012
ID Michel: 2555-2558, Bl. 235 ; Scott: 1128a-d, 1148 ; Stanley Gibbons: ; Yvert et Tellier: 1584-1587, 316; Category: pR
Stamps in set 5
Value F1070 - Pachyrhinosaurus
F1070 - Tropeognathus (pterosaur, not dinosaur)
F3000 - Lystrosaurus (dicynodont theraspid, not dinosaur)
F3000 - Arrhinoceratops
F7500 - Compsognathus
Emission/Type commemorative
Places of issue
Size (width x height) Souvenir-Sheet: 105mm x 128mm
Layout Mini-Sheet of 4 stamps, Souvenir-Sheet of 1 stamp.
Products "FDC" x2
Perforation 13,50
Print Technique Offset lithography
Printed by Stamperija, Lithuania
Issuing Authority
Prehistoric animals on stamps of Burundi 2012
undesired stamp

On 31st of August 2012, Lithuanian based agency Stamperija on behalf of the Post Authority of Burundi issued more than 40 Mini-Sheets simultaneously. According to Michel catalog, in 2012 687 (!) stamps were issued by Burundi, printed in 274 Mini- and Souvenir-Sheets.
For comparison, in the same year, 58 stamps were issued by Germany. It is worth mentioning that the population of Germany is approximately 10 times the population of Burundi. Germany has an area 13 times the size of Burundi!
Some of the stamps, issued by Stamperia on behalf of Burundi, were delivered to the post offices in the country. These stamps were accepted for postage, but their high face values made them only useable for large international letters.
The stamps issued by Burundi in 2012 covered all possible topics including prehistoric animals. Unfortunately, there were errors on these stamps - for example the "Dinosaurs" set shows 8 prehistoric animals, but only 5 of them are dinosaurs:
  • Pachyrhinosaurus - dinosaur, discovered in North America
  • Tropeognathus - pterosaur (flying reptile) not a dinosaur, discovered in South America
  • Lystrosaurus - dicynodont theraspid, not a dinosaur. Lystrosaurus was one of the proofs of the supercontinent Gondwana - as it is found in African, Indian, and Antarctic rocks of the same age.
  • Arrhinoceratops - dinosaur discovered in Canada
  • Compsognathus - dinosaur discovered in Germany and France
  • Camarasaurus - dinosaur (on the margin of the Souvenir-Sheet)
  • Saltopus - dinosaur (on the margin of the Souvenir-Sheet), discovered in Scotland
  • giant dragonfly, discovered in many places around the world

Products and associated philatelic items

Souvenir Covers Example of circulated covers
Dinosaurs on FDC of Burundi 2012 Dinosaurs on used covers of Burundi 2012
The "FDC" is not the First-Day-Cover, but a Souvenir-Cover. All covers with "Nature Protection" stamps, including the "Dinosaur" stamps were cancelled by the same postmarks. Moreover, these stamps came to market a few months after the "issue date" printed on the postmark.

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for his help to find an information for this article, the draft page review and his very valuable comments.

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