Philatelic posters for "X Brazilian Symposium of Vertebrates Paleontology"

The following posters created by Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes, Professor of National Museum of Brazil, Departament of Geologiy and Paleontology. There are no real stamps, but enlarged images printed on colorful background,

Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sequeira says:

"I am a Professor of the museum and I have the collection about pre-historic animals, my friend Sergio Alex Kugland de Azevedo asked me to present some posters about the paleovertebrates in philately in the X Brazilian Symposium of Paleontology of Vertebrates. So, I presented these 4 posters: The Paleozoic, The Mesozoic, The Mesozoic and the World of Dinosaurs, and The Cenozoic."

The Paleozoic poster The Mesozoic poster The Mesozoic and the World of Dinosaurs poster The Cenozoic poster

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