This presentation (also available on French) provided by Mr. Dominique ROBILLARD

"My name is Dominique ROBILLARD, I was born June 14, 1951 in Boulogne-sur-Mer (1st fishing French port in the North of France), already at the age of 12 years I was passionate about mysteries of Geology, amazed by the beauties of Mineralogy and fascinated by the secrets of Paleontology... Also, it was quite normal that I went naturally to geological studies. I finished my university studies by going through my first field campaigns in Greece (Study of the ophiolitic complex of North Pindus), then in Sicily (Study of the neotectonics of Quaternary deposits on the Tyrrhenian side of Sicily), to finally support my PhD in Morocco (Structural study of northern Middle Atlas). My first job was to teach Geology at Mohammed Vth University in Rabat (Morocco) for 7 years. Then I went back to France, where I had a career as an oil geologist for the ESSO Company : first of all as an exploration geologist and then very quickly as a production geologist. Mr. Dominique ROBILLARD As such, I was in charge of the oilfields of the Paris Basin, and then those of the Archachon Basin (in the southern vicinity of Bordeaux). I finished my career at ESSO-Norway on the North Sea offshore drilling rigs as an operation geologist. Now, I'm in retirement and after a very busy professional life serving my geological passion, I returned to my home area.

Besides this geological passion, I also have a passion for Philately. As such, I am vice-president of the French Association of Thematic Philately (AFPT) where I am the leader of the Geology-Prehistory section. From 1982 to 2013, I was the editor of the quarterly newsletter of this section. Since October 2016, I am also in charge of the "news" section in the American magazine Philagem International (the mineral study unit of the American Topical Association). Finally, I am secretary of my local philatelic association: the Philatelic Association of Boulonnais (APB) and in charge of its newsletter.
I do not exhibit in competition because I am not a "medal hunter", but I have several "geo-philatelic" collections that I willingly lent for geological events in museums or mineral shows, etc. So when Admin of this site asked me to put on here this presentation, that I made a couple of years ago for AFPT, it was with great pleasure that I accepted his proposal."

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