Gallery of Paleontology related FDC (First Day Cover)

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Many thanks to fellow collector Jon Noad from Calgary, Canada, who shared some scans of his FDC collection with me.

Undesired/"Pseudo stamps" are on grey background, when good one are on the black. Click on image to enlarge
FDC of afghanistan_1988 afghanistan_1988

FDC of aland_1996 aland_1996

FDC of algeria_1952_fdc_congress.jpg algeria_1952_fdc_congress

FDC of Algeria_1994 Algeria_1994

FDC of andorra_1976_jefferson andorra_1976_jefferson

FDC of angola_1970 angola_1970

FDC of angola_1994 angola_1994

FDC of antigua_1992 antigua_1992

FDC of antigua_1992_fdc2.jpg antigua_1992_fdc2

FDC of antigua_1995 antigua_1995

FDC of antigua_1995_fdc2.jpg antigua_1995_fdc2

FDC of argentina_1966 argentina_1966

FDC of argentina_1992 argentina_1992

FDC of argentina_1992_fdc_private.jpg argentina_1992_fdc_private

FDC of argentina_1992_fdc2.jpg argentina_1992_fdc2

FDC of argentina_1998 argentina_1998

FDC of argentina_2001 argentina_2001

FDC of argentina_2001_fdc2.jpg argentina_2001_fdc2

FDC of argentina_2002 argentina_2002

FDC of argentina_2003 argentina_2003

FDC of argentina_2007 argentina_2007

FDC of argentina_2012 argentina_2012

FDC of argentina_2014 argentina_2014

FDC of argentina_2014_ms argentina_2014_ms

FDC of argentina_2015 argentina_2015

FDC of ascension_1994 ascension_1994

FDC of ascension_2009_darwin ascension_2009_darwin

FDC of australia_1980 australia_1980

FDC of australia_1986_darwin australia_1986_darwin

FDC of australia_1993_2 australia_1993_2

FDC of Australia_1993 Australia_1993

FDC of australia_1993_ms australia_1993_ms

FDC of australia_1993_sa australia_1993_sa

FDC of australia_1993_sa_fdc_richard_owen_private.jpg australia_1993_sa_fdc_richard_owen_private

FDC of australia_1993_sa_overprinted australia_1993_sa_overprinted

FDC of australia_1997 australia_1997

FDC of australia_1997_fdc_private.jpg australia_1997_fdc_private

FDC of australia_1997_ms australia_1997_ms

FDC of australia_2005 australia_2005

FDC of australia_2005_fdc_ms.jpg australia_2005_fdc_ms

FDC of australia_2008 australia_2008

FDC of australia_2008_fdc_ms.jpg australia_2008_fdc_ms

FDC of australia_2013 australia_2013

FDC of australia_2013_fdc_gp1.jpg australia_2013_fdc_gp1

FDC of australia_2013_fdc_gp2.jpg australia_2013_fdc_gp2

FDC of australia_2013_ms australia_2013_ms

FDC of australia_2013_sa australia_2013_sa

FDC of austria_1976 austria_1976

FDC of austria_1976_fdc_private.jpg austria_1976_fdc_private

FDC of austria_1980_wegener austria_1980_wegener

FDC of austria_1983_hasenauer austria_1983_hasenauer

FDC of austria_1989 austria_1989

FDC of austria_1989_suess austria_1989_suess

FDC of austria_2009 austria_2009

FDC of azerbaijan_1994 azerbaijan_1994

FDC of barbados_1993 barbados_1993

FDC of bat_1982 bat_1982

FDC of bat_1990 bat_1990

FDC of bat_1991 bat_1991

FDC of bat_2008 bat_2008

FDC of belarus_1995_cerski belarus_1995_cerski

FDC of belgium_1966 belgium_1966

FDC of belgium_2015_fds.jpg belgium_2015_fds

FDC of benin_1974_fdc1.jpg benin_1974_fdc1

FDC of benin_1984 benin_1984

FDC of benin_1996 benin_1996

FDC of benin_1998 benin_1998

FDC of biot_2007 biot_2007

FDC of bolivia_1997_fdc1.jpg bolivia_1997_fdc1

FDC of bolivia_2002 bolivia_2002

FDC of bolivia_2007 bolivia_2007

FDC of bolivia_2012 bolivia_2012

FDC of Bolivia_2013 Bolivia_2013

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2001 bosnia_herzegovina_2001

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2007 bosnia_herzegovina_2007

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2008_darwin bosnia_herzegovina_2008_darwin

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2008 bosnia_herzegovina_2008

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2009_darwin bosnia_herzegovina_2009_darwin

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2009 bosnia_herzegovina_2009

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2010 bosnia_herzegovina_2010

FDC of brazil_1975 brazil_1975

FDC of brazil_1991 brazil_1991

FDC of brazil_1991_fdc2.jpg brazil_1991_fdc2

FDC of brazil_1995 brazil_1995

FDC of brazil_2010_lund brazil_2010_lund

FDC of brazil_2014 brazil_2014

FDC of Bulgaria_1971 Bulgaria_1971

FDC of bulgaria_1990 bulgaria_1990

FDC of bulgaria_1994_fdc_private.jpg bulgaria_1994_fdc_private

FDC of Bulgaria_2003 Bulgaria_2003

FDC of bulgaria_2003_fdc2.jpg bulgaria_2003_fdc2

FDC of bulgaria_2009_darwin bulgaria_2009_darwin

FDC of bulgaria_2009 bulgaria_2009

FDC of burundi_2012 burundi_2012

FDC of cabo_verde_2009 cabo_verde_2009

FDC of cambodia_1986 cambodia_1986

FDC of cambodia_1994 cambodia_1994

FDC of cambodia_1995 cambodia_1995

FDC of cambodia_1996 cambodia_1996

FDC of cambodia_1999 cambodia_1999

FDC of cambodia_2000 cambodia_2000

FDC of canada_1986 canada_1986

FDC of canada_1986_ms canada_1986_ms

FDC of canada_1989 canada_1989

FDC of canada_1990 canada_1990

FDC of canada_1991 canada_1991

FDC of canada_1993 canada_1993

FDC of canada_1993_fdc_drumheller.jpg canada_1993_fdc_drumheller

FDC of canada_1994 canada_1994

FDC of canada_1998 canada_1998

FDC of canada_2014 canada_2014

FDC of canada_2014_unesco canada_2014_unesco

FDC of canada_2015 canada_2015

FDC of canada_2015_unesco canada_2015_unesco

FDC of canada_2015_unesco2 canada_2015_unesco2

FDC of car_1993 car_1993

FDC of car_1996_fdc2.jpg car_1996_fdc2

FDC of car_2012 car_2012

FDC of chile_2000 chile_2000

FDC of china_1958 china_1958

FDC of china_1989 china_1989

FDC of china_1991 china_1991

FDC of china_1991_fdc2.jpg china_1991_fdc2

FDC of china_1999 china_1999

FDC of china_2002 china_2002

FDC of cocos_isl_1981_darwin cocos_isl_1981_darwin

FDC of comores_2009 comores_2009

FDC of congo_1970 congo_1970

FDC of congo_1975 congo_1975

FDC of congo_1993 congo_1993

FDC of congo_1999 congo_1999

FDC of croatia_1994 croatia_1994

FDC of croatia_1995 croatia_1995

FDC of croatia_1996 croatia_1996

FDC of croatia_1997 croatia_1997

FDC of croatia_1999 croatia_1999

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc2.jpg croatia_1999_fdc2

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc3.jpg croatia_1999_fdc3

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc3_private.jpg croatia_1999_fdc3_private

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc4_private.jpg croatia_1999_fdc4_private

FDC of Croatia_2012 Croatia_2012

FDC of cuba_1958_delatorre cuba_1958_delatorre

FDC of cuba_1967 cuba_1967

FDC of cuba_1982 cuba_1982

FDC of cuba_1985 cuba_1985

FDC of cuba_1987 cuba_1987

FDC of cuba_1997 cuba_1997

FDC of cuba_1999 cuba_1999

FDC of cuba_2005 cuba_2005

FDC of cuba_2006 cuba_2006

FDC of cuba_2009_darwin cuba_2009_darwin

FDC of cuba_2013 cuba_2013

FDC of curacao_2011 curacao_2011

FDC of cyprus_north_1991 cyprus_north_1991

FDC of cyprus_north_1994 cyprus_north_1994

FDC of czech_1999_barrande czech_1999_barrande

FDC of Czech_2005 Czech_2005

FDC of czech_2008 czech_2008

FDC of czech_2009_darwin czech_2009_darwin

FDC of czech_2009 czech_2009

FDC of czech_2011 czech_2011

FDC of czech_2013 czech_2013

FDC of dahomey_1974 dahomey_1974

FDC of denmark_1969_stenno denmark_1969_stenno

FDC of denmark_1988_worm denmark_1988_worm

FDC of denmark_1998 denmark_1998

FDC of denmark_2009 denmark_2009

FDC of djibouti_1990 djibouti_1990

FDC of dominica_1992 dominica_1992

FDC of dominica_1992_fdc2.jpg dominica_1992_fdc2

FDC of dominica_1995 dominica_1995

FDC of dominica_1999 dominica_1999

FDC of dominica_2005 dominica_2005

FDC of ecuador_1983_darwin ecuador_1983_darwin

FDC of ecuador_1986_darwin ecuador_1986_darwin

FDC of ecuador_2007 ecuador_2007

FDC of egypt_1979 egypt_1979

FDC of egypt_2008 egypt_2008

FDC of el_salvador_2006 el_salvador_2006

FDC of ethiopia_2013 ethiopia_2013

FDC of falkland_isl_1985 falkland_isl_1985

FDC of falkland_isl_1985_fdc2.jpg falkland_isl_1985_fdc2

FDC of france_1967_abbe_henri_breuil france_1967_abbe_henri_breuil

FDC of france_1981_chardin france_1981_chardin

FDC of france_1992 france_1992

FDC of france_1992_fdc_private.jpg france_1992_fdc_private

FDC of france_2000_fdc_priavte.jpg france_2000_fdc_priavte

FDC of france_2008_fdc_private.jpg france_2008_fdc_private

FDC of france_2008_ms france_2008_ms

FDC of france_2010 france_2010

FDC of gabon_2009_darwin gabon_2009_darwin

FDC of gambia_1992 gambia_1992

FDC of gambia_1995 gambia_1995

FDC of gambia_1997 gambia_1997

FDC of gambia_1999_fdc1.jpg gambia_1999_fdc1

FDC of gambia_2003 gambia_2003

FDC of georgia_1995 georgia_1995

FDC of georgia_2003 georgia_2003

FDC of germany_1978 germany_1978

FDC of germany_1980_persons germany_1980_persons

FDC of germany_1980_wegener germany_1980_wegener

FDC of germany_1998 germany_1998

FDC of germany_2003 germany_2003

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_museum_signed.jpg germany_2003_fdc_museum_signed

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_private_museum_pm.jpg germany_2003_fdc_private_museum_pm

FDC of germany_2006 germany_2006

FDC of germany_2006_fdc_signed.jpg germany_2006_fdc_signed

FDC of germany_2007_senckenberg germany_2007_senckenberg

FDC of germany_2008 germany_2008

FDC of germany_2010 germany_2010

FDC of germany_2010_fdc_private.jpg germany_2010_fdc_private

FDC of germany_2010_sa germany_2010_sa

FDC of germany_2011 germany_2011

FDC of germany_2011_fdc_private.jpg germany_2011_fdc_private

FDC of germany_ddr_1973 germany_ddr_1973

FDC of germany_ddr_1978 germany_ddr_1978

FDC of germany_ddr_1980_wegener germany_ddr_1980_wegener

FDC of germany_ddr_1990 germany_ddr_1990

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_ms germany_ddr_1990_ms

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc2.jpg germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc2

FDC of ghana_1992 ghana_1992

FDC of ghana_1995 ghana_1995

FDC of ghana_1999 ghana_1999

FDC of gibraltar_1973 gibraltar_1973

FDC of gibraltar_2007 gibraltar_2007

FDC of gibraltar_2009_darwin gibraltar_2009_darwin

FDC of gibraltar_2009_darwin_ms gibraltar_2009_darwin_ms

FDC of greece_1978 greece_1978

FDC of greece_1982 greece_1982

FDC of greenland_2008 greenland_2008

FDC of greenland_2009 greenland_2009

FDC of grenada_1999 grenada_1999

FDC of groendland_1980_wegener groendland_1980_wegener

FDC of guinea_1993 guinea_1993

FDC of guinea_1997 guinea_1997

FDC of guinea_1998 guinea_1998

FDC of guinea_2002 guinea_2002

FDC of guinea_2006 guinea_2006

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc1.jpg guinea_2007_fdc1

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc2.jpg guinea_2007_fdc2

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc3.jpg guinea_2007_fdc3

FDC of guinea_2008 guinea_2008

FDC of guinea_bissau_2011 guinea_bissau_2011

FDC of guyana_1993_2 guyana_1993_2

FDC of guyana_1993_3 guyana_1993_3

FDC of guyana_1993 guyana_1993

FDC of guyana_1998 guyana_1998

FDC of guyana_2001 guyana_2001

FDC of guyana_2005 guyana_2005

FDC of Guyana1990 Guyana1990

FDC of hungary_1969 hungary_1969

FDC of hungary_1969_impf_fdc1.jpg hungary_1969_impf_fdc1

FDC of hungary_1993 hungary_1993

FDC of hungary_2002 hungary_2002

FDC of india_1951_fdc_calcutta.jpg india_1951_fdc_calcutta

FDC of india_1983_darwin india_1983_darwin

FDC of india_1984_wadia india_1984_wadia

FDC of india_1997 india_1997

FDC of indonesia_1989 indonesia_1989

FDC of indonesia_2004 indonesia_2004

FDC of indonesia_2014 indonesia_2014

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc1.jpg iraq_2010_fdc1

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc2.jpg iraq_2010_fdc2

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc3.jpg iraq_2010_fdc3

FDC of ireland_1999 ireland_1999

FDC of ireland_1999_ms ireland_1999_ms

FDC of ireland_1999_sa ireland_1999_sa

FDC of ireland_2007 ireland_2007

FDC of ireland_2009_darwin ireland_2009_darwin

FDC of isl_of_man_2006 isl_of_man_2006

FDC of isle_of_man_1986 isle_of_man_1986

FDC of israel_2000 israel_2000

FDC of israel_2000_ms israel_2000_ms

FDC of israel_2002 israel_2002

FDC of israel_2014 israel_2014

FDC of italia_1998_fdc_private.jpg italia_1998_fdc_private

FDC of italy_1988 italy_1988

FDC of italy_2009_darwin italy_2009_darwin

FDC of italy_2015 italy_2015

FDC of japan_1977_fdc_all.jpg japan_1977_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1992_fdc_all.jpg japan_1992_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1999_fdc_all.jpg japan_1999_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1999_stripe_fdc_private.jpg japan_1999_stripe_fdc_private

FDC of japan_2010_fdc_private.jpg japan_2010_fdc_private

FDC of jersey_1982 jersey_1982

FDC of jersey_2010 jersey_2010

FDC of jordan_2013 jordan_2013

FDC of jordan_2013_fdc2.jpg jordan_2013_fdc2

FDC of jordan_2013_fdc3.jpg jordan_2013_fdc3

FDC of kazachstan_1994 kazachstan_1994

FDC of kenya_1967 kenya_1967

FDC of kenya_1977 kenya_1977

FDC of kenya_1982 kenya_1982

FDC of kiribati_2006_darwin kiribati_2006_darwin

FDC of kiribati_2006 kiribati_2006

FDC of korea_nord_2004 korea_nord_2004

FDC of korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc1.jpg korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc2.jpg korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_1991_fdc1.jpg korea_north_1991_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_1994 korea_north_1994

FDC of korea_north_1995 korea_north_1995

FDC of korea_north_2000 korea_north_2000

FDC of korea_north_2004_fdc1.jpg korea_north_2004_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_2006 korea_north_2006

FDC of korea_north_2010 korea_north_2010

FDC of korea_north_2010_fdc2.jpg korea_north_2010_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_2011 korea_north_2011

FDC of korea_south_2006 korea_south_2006

FDC of korea_south_2006_fdc_private.jpg korea_south_2006_fdc_private

FDC of korea_south_2010 korea_south_2010

FDC of korea_south_2011 korea_south_2011

FDC of korea_south_2012 korea_south_2012

FDC of kuwait_1982 kuwait_1982

FDC of kyrgyzstan_2012 kyrgyzstan_2012

FDC of laos_1988 laos_1988

FDC of laos_1994 laos_1994

FDC of laos_1995 laos_1995

FDC of latvia_2015 latvia_2015

FDC of lebanon_2002 lebanon_2002

FDC of lebanon_2003 lebanon_2003

FDC of lesotho_1970 lesotho_1970

FDC of lesotho_1984 lesotho_1984

FDC of lesotho_1992 lesotho_1992

FDC of lesotho_1992_fdc2.jpg lesotho_1992_fdc2

FDC of lesotho_1998 lesotho_1998

FDC of liberia_2005 liberia_2005

FDC of libya_1976 libya_1976

FDC of libya_1995 libya_1995

FDC of libya_1996 libya_1996

FDC of libya_1996_fdc2.jpg libya_1996_fdc2

FDC of libya_1996_fdc3.jpg libya_1996_fdc3

FDC of libya_2013 libya_2013

FDC of liechtenstein_2003 liechtenstein_2003

FDC of liechtenstein_2004 liechtenstein_2004


FDC of luxemboutg_1984 luxemboutg_1984

FDC of macedonia_1998 macedonia_1998

FDC of macedonia_2007_linnei macedonia_2007_linnei

FDC of macedonia_2009_darwin macedonia_2009_darwin

FDC of madagaskar_1970 madagaskar_1970

FDC of madagaskar_1989 madagaskar_1989

FDC of madagaskar_1994 madagaskar_1994

FDC of malawi_1993 malawi_1993

FDC of maldives_1992 maldives_1992

FDC of maldives_1994_fdc1.jpg maldives_1994_fdc1

FDC of maldives_1994_fdc2.jpg maldives_1994_fdc2

FDC of maldives_1997 maldives_1997

FDC of maldives_1999 maldives_1999

FDC of maldives_2005 maldives_2005

FDC of malta_2009 malta_2009

FDC of Marshall_Islands_2008 Marshall_Islands_2008

FDC of marshall_islands_2009 marshall_islands_2009

FDC of marshall_islands_2012 marshall_islands_2012

FDC of mauritius_1982_darwin mauritius_1982_darwin

FDC of mexico_2006 mexico_2006

FDC of micronesia_1994 micronesia_1994

FDC of micronesia_1999 micronesia_1999

FDC of micronesia_2001_fdc1.jpg micronesia_2001_fdc1

FDC of micronesia_2004 micronesia_2004

FDC of moldova_1995 moldova_1995

FDC of moldova_2010 moldova_2010

FDC of moldova_2010_ms moldova_2010_ms

FDC of moldova_2014_fdc1.jpg moldova_2014_fdc1

FDC of monaco_1983_fdc_private.jpg monaco_1983_fdc_private

FDC of monaco_2000 monaco_2000

FDC of monaco_2002 monaco_2002

FDC of monaco_2010 monaco_2010

FDC of monaco_france_2010 monaco_france_2010

FDC of mongolia_1967 mongolia_1967

FDC of mongolia_1977 mongolia_1977

FDC of mongolia_1990 mongolia_1990

FDC of mongolia_1994 mongolia_1994

FDC of mongolia_2014_darwin mongolia_2014_darwin

FDC of mongolia_2014 mongolia_2014

FDC of monsterrat_2009_darwin monsterrat_2009_darwin

FDC of montserrat_1994 montserrat_1994

FDC of morocco_1988 morocco_1988

FDC of morocco_2004 morocco_2004

FDC of morocco_2015 morocco_2015

FDC of motserrat_1992 motserrat_1992

FDC of mozambique_1971 mozambique_1971

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc1.jpg mozambique_1971_fdc1

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc2.jpg mozambique_1971_fdc2

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc3.jpg mozambique_1971_fdc3

FDC of mozambique_2002_darwin mozambique_2002_darwin

FDC of mozambique_2007 mozambique_2007

FDC of mozambique_2009_darwin mozambique_2009_darwin

FDC of mozambique_2012_2.fdc.jpg mozambique_2012_2.fdc

FDC of mozambique_2012_darwin mozambique_2012_darwin

FDC of mozambique_2012 mozambique_2012

FDC of namibia_1995 namibia_1995

FDC of namibia_1995_ms namibia_1995_ms

FDC of namibia_2008 namibia_2008

FDC of nepal_2013 nepal_2013

FDC of nepal_2013_fdc_museum.jpg nepal_2013_fdc_museum

FDC of nepal_2014 nepal_2014

FDC of nepal_2015 nepal_2015

FDC of nepal_2015_fdc_museum.jpg nepal_2015_fdc_museum

FDC of Netherland_1962 Netherland_1962

FDC of nevis_1999 nevis_1999

FDC of nevis_2005 nevis_2005

FDC of new_caledonia_1997 new_caledonia_1997

FDC of new_zealand_1984 new_zealand_1984

FDC of new_zealand_1984_ms new_zealand_1984_ms

FDC of new_zealand_1993_bl new_zealand_1993_bl

FDC of new_zealand_1993_booklet new_zealand_1993_booklet

FDC of new_zealand_1993 new_zealand_1993

FDC of new_zealand_1993_fdc_private.jpg new_zealand_1993_fdc_private

FDC of new_zealand_2010 new_zealand_2010

FDC of nicaragua_1987 nicaragua_1987

FDC of nicaragua_1996 nicaragua_1996

FDC of nicaragua_1999 nicaragua_1999

FDC of niger_1976_fdc1.jpg niger_1976_fdc1

FDC of niger_1977 niger_1977

FDC of niuafoou_1989 niuafoou_1989

FDC of niuafoou_1989_fdc2.jpg niuafoou_1989_fdc2

FDC of niuafoou_1989_fdc3.jpg niuafoou_1989_fdc3

FDC of niuafoou_1993 niuafoou_1993

FDC of niuafoou_1993_fdc2.jpg niuafoou_1993_fdc2

FDC of niuafoou_1993_fdc3.jpg niuafoou_1993_fdc3

FDC of niuafoou_1995 niuafoou_1995

FDC of niuafoou_1995_fdc2.jpg niuafoou_1995_fdc2

FDC of norway_1970 norway_1970

FDC of norway_1974_fdc_private.jpg norway_1974_fdc_private

FDC of norway_1985 norway_1985

FDC of norway_2005 norway_2005

FDC of palau_1988 palau_1988

FDC of palau_2000 palau_2000

FDC of palau_2004 palau_2004

FDC of papua_new_guinea_2004 papua_new_guinea_2004

FDC of paraguay_2010_darwin paraguay_2010_darwin

FDC of peru_1999 peru_1999

FDC of peru_2000 peru_2000

FDC of peru_2004 peru_2004

FDC of peru_2005_raimondi peru_2005_raimondi

FDC of peru_2007_2 peru_2007_2

FDC of peru_2007 peru_2007

FDC of peru_2009 peru_2009

FDC of peru_2010 peru_2010

FDC of peru_2011 peru_2011

FDC of peru_2013_1 peru_2013_1

FDC of peru_2013_2 peru_2013_2

FDC of peru_2014 peru_2014

FDC of pitcairn_islands_2009_darwin pitcairn_islands_2009_darwin

FDC of poland_1959_darwin poland_1959_darwin

FDC of poland_1965 poland_1965

FDC of poland_1966 poland_1966

FDC of poland_1980 poland_1980

FDC of poland_1990_kozlowski poland_1990_kozlowski

FDC of poland_1993 poland_1993

FDC of poland_2000 poland_2000

FDC of poland_2002 poland_2002

FDC of poland_2004 poland_2004

FDC of portugal_1999_fdc_amiel1.jpg portugal_1999_fdc_amiel1

FDC of portugal_1999_fdc_amiel2.jpg portugal_1999_fdc_amiel2

FDC of portugal_1999_fdc_smd1.jpg portugal_1999_fdc_smd1

FDC of portugal_1999_fdc_smd2.jpg portugal_1999_fdc_smd2

FDC of portugal_1999_fdc_smd3.jpg portugal_1999_fdc_smd3

FDC of portugal_2000_fdc_smd1.jpg portugal_2000_fdc_smd1

FDC of portugal_2000_fdc_smd2.jpg portugal_2000_fdc_smd2

FDC of portugal_2009_darwin portugal_2009_darwin

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_lourinha.jpg portugal_2015_fdc_lourinha

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_lourinha2.jpg portugal_2015_fdc_lourinha2

FDC of romania_1966 romania_1966

FDC of romania_1993 romania_1993

FDC of romania_1994 romania_1994

FDC of Romania_1994_fdc_private.jpg Romania_1994_fdc_private

FDC of romania_2005 romania_2005

FDC of romania_2005_ms romania_2005_ms

FDC of Romania_2007 Romania_2007

FDC of romania_2008 romania_2008

FDC of romania_2011 romania_2011

FDC of russia_2012 russia_2012

FDC of russia_2012_fdc_private.jpg russia_2012_fdc_private

FDC of russia_2015_fdc_moscow.jpg russia_2015_fdc_moscow

FDC of russia_2015_fdc_yakutsk.jpg russia_2015_fdc_yakutsk

FDC of san_marino_1965_fdc2.jpg san_marino_1965_fdc2

FDC of san_marino_1983 san_marino_1983

FDC of san_marino_2012 san_marino_2012

FDC of senegal_1995 senegal_1995

FDC of Serbia_2009_darwin Serbia_2009_darwin

FDC of serbia_2009 serbia_2009

FDC of serbia_2014 serbia_2014

FDC of sierra_leone_1995 sierra_leone_1995

FDC of sierra_leone_1998 sierra_leone_1998

FDC of sierra_leone_2001 sierra_leone_2001

FDC of singapore_1998 singapore_1998

FDC of slovakia_2006 slovakia_2006

FDC of slovenia_1993 slovenia_1993

FDC of slovenia_1995 slovenia_1995

FDC of slovenia_2000 slovenia_2000

FDC of slovenia_2001 slovenia_2001

FDC of slovenia_2002 slovenia_2002

FDC of slovenia_2004 slovenia_2004

FDC of slovenia_2006 slovenia_2006

FDC of slovenia_2007 slovenia_2007


FDC of solomon_isl_2012 solomon_isl_2012

FDC of somalia_1987 somalia_1987

FDC of somalia_1993 somalia_1993

FDC of somalia_1999 somalia_1999

FDC of somalia_2000 somalia_2000

FDC of south_africa_1982_all south_africa_1982_all

FDC of South_Africa_1982 South_Africa_1982

FDC of south_africa_1982_fdc_museum.jpg south_africa_1982_fdc_museum

FDC of South_Africa_1982_ms South_Africa_1982_ms

FDC of south_africa_1989 south_africa_1989

FDC of south_africa_1989_fdc2.jpg south_africa_1989_fdc2

FDC of south_africa_1991 south_africa_1991

FDC of South_Africa_1998 South_Africa_1998

FDC of South_Africa_2006 South_Africa_2006

FDC of South_Africa_2009 South_Africa_2009

FDC of spain_2009_darwin spain_2009_darwin

FDC of spain_2009_darwin_fdc2.jpg spain_2009_darwin_fdc2

FDC of spain_2012 spain_2012

FDC of spain_2015 spain_2015

FDC of st_helena_1982_darwin st_helena_1982_darwin

FDC of st_helena_2006 st_helena_2006

FDC of st_kitts_1994 st_kitts_1994

FDC of st_kitts_2005 st_kitts_2005

FDC of st_tomme_1982 st_tomme_1982

FDC of st_tomme_1993 st_tomme_1993

FDC of st_tomme_2004 st_tomme_2004

FDC of st_tomme_2006 st_tomme_2006

FDC of st_tomme_2007 st_tomme_2007

FDC of st_tomme_2008 st_tomme_2008

FDC of st_tomme_2009_fdc1.jpg st_tomme_2009_fdc1

FDC of st_tomme_2009_fdc2.jpg st_tomme_2009_fdc2

FDC of st_tomme_2010 st_tomme_2010

FDC of st_tomme_2011 st_tomme_2011

FDC of st_vincent_1994 st_vincent_1994

FDC of st_vincent_1999.jpg st_vincent_1999

FDC of st_vincent_1999 st_vincent_1999

FDC of st_vincent_2003.jpg st_vincent_2003

FDC of st_vincent_2003 st_vincent_2003

FDC of st_vincent_2005 st_vincent_2005

FDC of Sweden_1992 Sweden_1992

FDC of sweden_2011 sweden_2011

FDC of switzerland_1958 switzerland_1958

FDC of switzerland_1959 switzerland_1959

FDC of switzerland_1961 switzerland_1961

FDC of switzerland_2004_fdc1.jpg switzerland_2004_fdc1

FDC of switzerland_2004_fdc2.jpg switzerland_2004_fdc2

FDC of switzerland_2010 switzerland_2010

FDC of switzerland_2010_fdc_museum.jpg switzerland_2010_fdc_museum

FDC of switzerland_2010_ms switzerland_2010_ms

FDC of switzerland_2015 switzerland_2015

FDC of Tadjikistan_1994 Tadjikistan_1994

FDC of tanzania_1965 tanzania_1965

FDC of tanzania_1988 tanzania_1988

FDC of tanzania_1991 tanzania_1991

FDC of tanzania_1994 tanzania_1994

FDC of tanzania_1994_fdc2.jpg tanzania_1994_fdc2

FDC of thailand_1992 thailand_1992

FDC of Thailand_1997 Thailand_1997

FDC of thailand_2004 thailand_2004

FDC of togo_2009_darwin togo_2009_darwin

FDC of transkei_1990 transkei_1990

FDC of transkei_1990_fdc_private.jpg transkei_1990_fdc_private



FDC of tristan_da_cunha_1998 tristan_da_cunha_1998

FDC of tunisie_1982 tunisie_1982

FDC of turkey_2012 turkey_2012

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1991 Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1991

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1993 Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1993

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1995 Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1995

FDC of uganda_1992 uganda_1992

FDC of uganda_1992_fdc2.jpg uganda_1992_fdc2

FDC of uganda_1995 uganda_1995

FDC of uganda_1998 uganda_1998

FDC of uk_1982_darwin uk_1982_darwin

FDC of uk_1982_darwin_fdc_private.jpg uk_1982_darwin_fdc_private

FDC of uk_1991 uk_1991

FDC of uk_1991_fdc2.jpg uk_1991_fdc2

FDC of uk_1991_owen uk_1991_owen

FDC of uk_1999 uk_1999

FDC of uk_1999_fdc_private.jpg uk_1999_fdc_private

FDC of uk_2006_benham_fdc1.jpg uk_2006_benham_fdc1

FDC of uk_2006_benham_fdc2.jpg uk_2006_benham_fdc2

FDC of uk_2006_darwin uk_2006_darwin

FDC of uk_2006_fdc2.jpg uk_2006_fdc2

FDC of uk_2006_fdc3.jpg uk_2006_fdc3

FDC of uk_2006_norvic uk_2006_norvic

FDC of uk_2006_portraits_fdc2.jpg uk_2006_portraits_fdc2

FDC of uk_2009_darwin uk_2009_darwin

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc_ms.jpg uk_2009_darwin_fdc_ms

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc_xx.jpg uk_2009_darwin_fdc_xx

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc2.jpg uk_2009_darwin_fdc2

FDC of uk_2010 uk_2010

FDC of uk_2010_fdc2.jpg uk_2010_fdc2

FDC of uk_2010_fdc3.jpg uk_2010_fdc3

FDC of uk_2013_leakey uk_2013_leakey

FDC of ukraine_2011 ukraine_2011

FDC of uruguay_1988 uruguay_1988

FDC of uruguay_1996 uruguay_1996

FDC of uruguay_1996_fdc2.jpg uruguay_1996_fdc2

FDC of uruguay_1996_fdc3.jpg uruguay_1996_fdc3

FDC of uruguay_1997 uruguay_1997

FDC of uruguay_1997_fdc2.jpg uruguay_1997_fdc2

FDC of uruguay_1998 uruguay_1998

FDC of uruguay_2009_darwin uruguay_2009_darwin

FDC of usa_1938 usa_1938

FDC of usa_1946_fdc1.jpg usa_1946_fdc1

FDC of usa_1946_fdc2.jpg usa_1946_fdc2

FDC of usa_1954_jefferson usa_1954_jefferson

FDC of usa_1954_jefferson_fdc2.jpg usa_1954_jefferson_fdc2

FDC of usa_1955 usa_1955

FDC of usa_1968_jefferson usa_1968_jefferson

FDC of usa_1968_jefferson_fdc2.jpg usa_1968_jefferson_fdc2

FDC of usa_1968_jefferson_fdc3.jpg usa_1968_jefferson_fdc3

FDC of USA_1970 USA_1970

FDC of USA_1970_fdc_1.jpg USA_1970_fdc_1

FDC of USA_1970_fdc_2.jpg USA_1970_fdc_2

FDC of usa_1974 usa_1974

FDC of usa_1974_fdc2.jpg usa_1974_fdc2

FDC of usa_1980 usa_1980

FDC of usa_1980_fdc_private.jpg usa_1980_fdc_private

FDC of usa_1980_fdc2.jpg usa_1980_fdc2

FDC of usa_1982 usa_1982

FDC of usa_1982_fdc_private.jpg usa_1982_fdc_private

FDC of usa_1989 usa_1989

FDC of usa_1989_fdc2.jpg usa_1989_fdc2

FDC of USA_1996 USA_1996

FDC of usa_1996_fdc2.jpg usa_1996_fdc2

FDC of usa_1996_fdc3.jpg usa_1996_fdc3

FDC of ussr_1975 ussr_1975

FDC of ussr_1990 ussr_1990

FDC of uzbekistan_2004 uzbekistan_2004

FDC of vanuatu_2009_darwin vanuatu_2009_darwin

FDC of vietnam_1990 vietnam_1990

FDC of vietnam_1991 vietnam_1991

FDC of vietnam_1996 vietnam_1996

FDC of vietnam_1996_impf vietnam_1996_impf

FDC of vietnam_2009_darwin vietnam_2009_darwin

FDC of yemen_1990 yemen_1990

FDC of yugoslavia_1985_fdc1.jpg yugoslavia_1985_fdc1

FDC of yugoslavia_1985_fdc2.jpg yugoslavia_1985_fdc2

FDC of zambia_1973 zambia_1973

FDC of zambia_1999 zambia_1999

FDC of zimbabwe_1998 zimbabwe_1998

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