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Awards of Paleophilatelie.eu website Since 2018 Paleophilatelie.eu has successfully participated in international competitions of philatelic websites in the Electronic-Literature category. The list of awards won is below.

I aim to popularize the topic and attract other, especially youth, philatelists and improve quality of my website.

However, after participation in three international philatelic website competitions, I have to say that the "exhibiting" element is total missing from the website competition. The only way for visitors to know this category exists, is to read the names in the list of participants. While physical frames are clearly "on show", digital material is invisible because there is no computer screen, notebook, or other electronic display to indicate its existence, even in the simple form of a rotating slide show. I hope it will change in the future and digital exhibits will be treated more like traditional show displays.

The next competitions where Paleophilatelie.eu will participate are: tentative

Awards and Certificates of www.PaleoPhilatelie.eu website

Certificate of Award of Paleophilatelie website at National Philatelic Show in Belatrus, Brest 2019 Medal of participation at National Philatelic Show in Belatrus, Brest 2019In September 2019 "Paleophilatelie" website participated in philatelic websites competition at philatelic literature class at BELPHILA2019, Belarus, the 10th National Philatelic Exhibition, that took place between 4-8 September and celebrated the millennium anniversary of Brest.
The BelPhila 2019 exhibition has been organized by the Belarusian Communications and Information Ministry, the Belpochta postal service, the Brest City Hall, and the Belarusian Union of Philatelists with participation of the Culture Ministry, the Information Ministry, and the National Art Museum.

The main aim of the 10th National Philatelic Exhibition is to attract attention to philately in Belarus.

Paleophilatelie.eu honored by Gold medal with 96 points out of 100.
This is the first Gold medal won by this website !

The package received from the stamps show includes not only the Certificate and the Medal, but also many philatelic souvenirs: commemorative postal stationery, two booklets with mint commemorative Blocks "1000 years since the first written reference of Brest" which issued in limited quantity of 2000 only and a book "Postage stamps of Republic Belarus: 2017" with all mint stamps and blocks issued in the country during the year, as well as a brochure from the stamp show with list of all participators. It is very generous gifts, especially due the fact that there are was no participation fees.
The only missing thing is the feedback from jury, but probably it is just because "Paleophilatelie" won their best prize - the Gold medal. Distinguished from other philatelic exhibits the Gold medal is the best prize of the show. (Large Gold medal is not available.)

Certificate of Award of Paleophilatelie website at National Topical Stamp Show organized by American Philatelic Society in cooperation with American Topical Association, Omaha Nebraska 2019 "National Topical Stamp Show" of American Philatelic Society and American Topical Association in Omaha, USAAugust 2019 "Paleophilateie" website participated in philatelic websites competition at philatelic literature class at "National Topical Stamp Show" organized by American Philatelic Society in cooperation with American Topical Association, that took place in Omaha, Nebraska, USA between 1-4 August.
This is a very large and very popular annual event among North American philatelist with over 800 exhibition frames.

Paleophilateie.eu honored by Large Vermeil Medal in "Electronic" Literature sub-category with score of 83 points out of 100.

Due the fact that synopsis of the website not forwarded by the show organizers to the jury, some of juries comments was irrelevant. Other comments, especially about "Treatment" section was useful and lead to redesign of home page and several other main pages of the website.
Really keen to get result and comments of another American stamps show - Chicagopex to see if these modification leads to better score.

It was a pleasure and good experience to participate the show and I was happy ti get some comments of he jury, but was disappointed by the fact that most of the visitors weren't aware about website competition as no screens nor monitors installed there to provide visitors a possibility to visit it. The only place where visitors was able to get information about participated website is a brochure with list of all participators and addresses of websites.
"The Participation of PWO Members in the APS Stamp Show 2019" article contains my interview and comments of other participator of the show.

Certificate of Award of Paleophilatelie website at ITALY2018 exhibition of philatelic literature In November 2018 "Paleophilateie" website participated in "ITALIA 2018" Exhibition of Philatelic Literature, that took place in Verona, Italy, between 23-25 November 2018 (initially planed to be in Milan in March 2018) .
The Philatelic Literature Exhibition Italia 2018 is a specialized national exhibition with international participation, organized by the Federazione fra le Società Filateliche Italiane (Fsfi) under the patronage of the Federation of the European Philatelic Associations (Fepa). Italia 2018 has been granted the patronage of the European Academy of Philately (Aep), the Association Internationale des Journalistes Philatéliques (Aijp) and the Unione stampa filatelica italiana (Usfi), and the scientific advice of the Istituto di Studi Storici Postali “Aldo Cecchi” in Prato.
Over 30 philatelic websites participated in the competition. All awards, except Grand Prix presented in the form of digital diplomas (.pdf files).

Paleophilateie.eu honored by Large Vermeil Medal with score of 81 points out of 100.

Unfortunately, jury provided the score split only, without any feedback or comments. Really pity as the score itself doesn't allow to draw any conclusion how to improve a website for next competition. I also have a doubt if anybody except the jury was aware about the websites competition and visited it during or right after the show. according to a fellow collector who visited the show, no screen or monitors installed there to allow visitors to see participated websites.

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