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Pterosaurs presentation, page 8

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Page titel: Order Pterodactyloidea, short tail pterosaurs

The text:

The most developed and big flying animals has very special and and strong strengthening in the skeleton.
The shoulders, which is by other animals ancored by muscles, were connected to spinal column.
The spinal column grow together in the area on connection. It's produce very strong support for toweringly strong fly.

Text under images (from left to right, top to buttom)

Australia 45c - Ornithocheirus with 12m wing span
Nicaragua 5.00 - pterodausto guinazui with 2m wing span
Uganda 1500 - very strong curve of lower jaw
Guyana $30 - Cearadactylus atrox
Guyana $55 - Misspelt
25.08.2005 Maximum-card of Romania depicting Hatzegopteryx thambema.
This pterosaur has 1m wing span and weight of 100 kg.
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