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Pterosaurs presentation, page 7

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Page titel: Order Pterodactyloidea, short tail pterosaurs

The text:

This Pterosaurs has longer skull not separated from Eyes and Nose opens.
They has longer neck and bigger brain. The most advanced forms also lack teeth, more primitove once has some.
They are differ from the basal rhamphorhynchoidea by their short tails and long wing.
Due this fact they has anxious fly, but they was able to fly very fast on short distance.

They appear in Late Jurassic Period(161-145 million years ago),
and disapper at Late Cretaceous (93-65 million years ago)

Text under images

17.5.1997 Special cancellation of Lubbock(USA) depicting short tails Pterosaurs Pteranodon.
22.2.1994 Airpost envelope from Christchurch(nNew Zealand) to Qulerschied (Germany) with a stamp of short tails Pterosaurs flyiung over tze sea surface.

Pterodactyloidea can be translate from Greek as "wing lizards".

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