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Pterosaurs presentation, page 6

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Page titel: Rhamphorhynchoidea

Subtitle: Sordes pilosus

The text:

Found in 1971 at Karatau region of Kazakhstan. He was of pigeon size about. His body was covered by 5mm long hairs, used for heating.Very likely it was warm-booded animal. The wings war skinny and without hairs.

Wingspan: 0.6m
Time: late Jurassic period (151 My- 144 MY ago)
Diet: fish, insects
Found sites: Asia

Text under images (from left to right, top to buttom)

Name means "hairly evil"
few teeth
3 species found
has skinny tail
15.2.1990 Russian Maxi-Card depicting Sordes pilosus,
first day cancellation depict Indicotherium (Paraceratherium)


Artistic reconstruction of a Sordes pilosus at the Fossilsmith Studios:

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