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Pterosaurs presentation, page 2

Translation from German

Page titel: Rhamphorhynchoidea

Subtitle: Long tail lizards

The text: The first vertebrate, who have evolved power of flight were Pterosauria ("winged lizard", comment of Admin). Their "wings" were formed by a membrane of skin, stretching from the legs to a dramatically lengthened fourth finger. The wing skin was skinny but a body was sometime hairy. They had a long tail, short neck and head. The older Pterozaurs suborder Rhamphorhynchoidea apeared in early Trias period (216 - 200 MY ago) and disappear in late Trias (161-145 MY ago).

Text under images (from left to right, top to buttom)

"Big head on a short neck"

"Long tail with leather foots on the end"

"28.10.2000" Post card of Germany with some prehistoric animals on it. Special cancellation of Sindelfingen displays the long tail winged lizard"


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