Catch them if you can

Vera Radnell with eagle This presentation provided by Vera Radnell, Australia

My name is Vera Radnell, I am also known as VeraBird due to my interest in ornithology which later caused me to become a bird stamp collector. Although I had stamps from a very young age it wasn’t until I joined a local stamp club when I formalised my collection and learned about exhibiting. Being a member of Thematics Queensland I was able to learn the tricky rules of thematic class philately and here you can see my five-frame exhibit which has been awarded gold and various other medals over the years. To exhibit in Thematic Class means you have a story to tell using the widest variety of philatelic material available. My story is in support of wildlife and tells the story from the beginning of mankind in his pursuit of wild animals. I hope you enjoy my story and I wish you well in philately.

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