catalog is the most comprehensive catalog about Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Philately

Currently this philatelic catalog shows images of over 1.000 stamp sets and over 1600 postmarks, as well as some other philatelic materials from almost 200 countries which are related to Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, sorted per country name and the date of issue.

Example of the Chronology page: year 2020 Example of the Chronology page: year 2020
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The catalog contains many hundreds of stamp description pages and articles related to "Paleophilately" topics, as well as many examples of philatelic exhibits.

What is included here?

Included all kind of philatelic items of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, early mankind, paleontologists, paleontologic and paleoanthropologic museums, fossils and fossil sites, and contributors to Paleoanthropology and Paleoanthropology sciences, such as Charles Darwin.

What is not included here?

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Note: The Chronology Catalog was designed first. Later, the Country Catalog was added. During the work on the country-based pages, additional stamps were discovered, mostly from the “Other stamps to consider” themes. Both catalogs are routinely updated at present.

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Michel "Dinos - whole world" catalog 2019, with Novelties up to MICHEL Rundschau 1/2019 have been catalogued in this edition
The World of Prehistoric Fishes and their Reflection in Philately
Nautilids and Ammonites worldwide - the world of Cephalopods and their reflection in Philately
Trilobites worldwide - the world of trilobites and their reflection in Philately
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Printed materials
MICHEL catalog and Rundschaue magazines
"Domphil prehistoric fauna and fossils", 25 edition, ISBN 84-95615-12-6
"Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on stamps - a worldwide catalogue", ISBN 1905723342
"Fossil fishes worldwide - the world of prehistoric fishes and their reflection in Philately", ISBN 978-3-89937-241-0
"Nautilids and Ammonites worldwide - the world of Cephalopods and their reflection in Philately", ISBN 978-3-89937-129-1
"Trilobites worldwide - the world of trilobites and their reflection in Philately", ISBN 3-89937-003-1
"Dinosaur stamps of the world" by Stuart Baldwin and Beverly Halstead, published in England in 1991, ISBN 0 9508063 4 X
"Charles Darwin - His Life through Commemorative stamps, Barry Floyd, D S Media Resources, 2011"
"Philatelic Geology" by V.I. Feldman, issued by Ministry of the Natural Resources of Russia, Moscow 2000, ISBN 5-900395-21-9
The Biophilately magazine of the Biophilately Study Unit of the American Topical Association
Glueckauf magazine of the German philatelic club: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergbau und Geowissenschaften e. V.
"Fossillen und Saurier in der Philatelie" by Jihan Chr. van Soergen, issued by a German philatelic club in 1979, 1982, 1983

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Many thanks to everybody who helped me find information about Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related stamps, sent me scans of stamps and other philatelic items from their collections, provided feedback about broken links or other issues.

Special thanks to:
Peter Brandhuber, Dr. Hans Ulrich Ernst from Germany, Dominique ROBILLARD from France, Dr. Peter Voice from the USA, Rudolf Hofer from Switzerland, Romina Aimra from Argentina, Dr. Hans Ulrich Bantz from South Africa, Dr. Eli Moallem from Israel, Giacomo Bracchi from Italy, Jos van den Bosch, Ton van Eijden from the Netherlands, Mihail Voronkov, Mikhail Shakhov, Alexander Pedchenko, Ivan Nazimov from Russia, Dr. Jon Noad, Maxim Romashchenko from Canada, Vera Radnell from Australia, Niall Murphy from Brazil.

Many thanks to many members of "Paleophilately" and "Evolution of mankind and Philately" Facebook groups and members of international philatelic forums for their valuable comments and hints.

Many thanks to Dr. Peter Voice from Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Western Michigan University, for the draft page review and English corrections.

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